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Mobile Technology News, May 14, 2012

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Facebook’s Direction May Be Foretold by Its Shopping List
    Because Facebook tends to be tight-lipped about its plans, the company’s string of acquisitions may reveal a lot about the course it is charting.

  • VIDEO: Guide to developing mobile games
    With mobile gaming becoming an increasingly lucrative sector, young entrepreneurs are focusing their attentions on this growing industry.
  • Unreleased 2012 MacBook Pro and iMac Models Showing Up in Benchmarks
    As noted in our forums, two new benchmark results appearing in Geekbench’s database within the past few days are sparking discussion about imminent upgrades to Apple’s MacBook Pro and iMac lines.

    The first item of interest is a MacBookPro9,1 entry, which would correspond to an unreleased MacBook Pro model of unknown size coming as a successor to the current MacBookPro8,x line. While such results can be faked, the result in question is consistent with what is known or assumed about the forthcoming models.

    This new MacBook Pro is listed as carrying an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3820QM quad-core processor running at 2.7 GHz. That processor has long been viewed as the natural successor to Apple’s current offerings in high-end 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro models. With the i7-3820QM being a 45-watt chip, it is extremely unlikely that Apple would be using it in a new 13-inch MacBook Pro model.

    The unreleased system carries a benchmark of 12,262, compared to scores in the range of 10,500 for the corresponding current MacBook Pro processor, the Core i7-2860QM.

    The motherboard identifier included with the new entry corresponds to one of several unreleased Mac configurations identified in the first OS X Mountain Lion developer preview back in February. In addition, the Geekbench result lists the test machine as running OS X Mountain Lion build 10A211, which would be newer than the 12A193i build seeded to developers on May 2.

    On the iMac side is a new iMac13,2 entry, which would appear to correspond to a new 27-inch iMac model. The machine is listed as running an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770 quad-core processor running at 3.4 GHz, which would correspond to a relatively high-end option in a new model. The system carries a benchmark of 12,183, only slightly higher than typical scores in the range of 11,500 for current iMac models using the top-of-the-line Core i7-2600 processor.

    Like the MacBookPro9,1, this iMac13,1 carries a motherboard identifier first seen in the initial OS X Mountain Lion developer preview back in February. The machine used for benchmarking is listed as running build 10A2040 of OS X Mountain Lion, and while a four-digit suffix on the build number is somewhat unusual for OS X, such patterns have been observed in special builds in the past.

    Such pre-mature benchmarks have shown up in Geekbench’s database prior to new hardware launches from Apple in the past. Consequently, it is feasible that these results do represent genuine machines due for launch in the near future.

  • DealBook: Yahoo’s Chief to Leave as Company Strikes a Deal With Hedge Fund
    Yahoo’s embattled chief executive, Scott Thompson, will leave his post after a controversy over his embellished academic credentials. Yahoo also reached an agreement with Third Point’s Daniel S. Loeb to end the hedge fund manager’s proxy fight.

  • WATCH: Space Shuttle Enterprise Separated From 747 Carrier Plane
    — The space shuttle Enterprise has been separated from the NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier at John F. Kennedy International Airport, just weeks after flying…
  • In-flight internet to take off?
    Using satellites to provide planes with fast reliable wi-fi
  • Intel Windows 8 tablets to hit retail stores in November
    Windows 8 should available by November when Intel-based devices hit retail stores.
  • Change.org targets UK petitions
    The campaign site Change.org is localising its service to help publicise UK-based campaigns.
  • Shira Lazar: How Jermaine Dupri Is Connecting With Fans Online 24/7
    I recently sat down down with Grammy-award winning writer and producer Jermaine Dupri and talked with him about his social network, Global 14, engaging fans, finding new talent, and what the future holds for the music industry.
  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, at a Turning Point
    Facebook’s founder and 28-year-old C.E.O. will soon face the unfamiliar landscape of running a public company, monitored by a merciless stock market.

  • Watch The 9 Most Popular Viral Videos Of The Week
    If you’re looking to see the most popular YouTube videos of the week, look no further. Once again, we’re bringing you the week’s most-watched videos,…
  • Yahoo CEO Thompson quits his post
    Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has stepped down, the company confirms, amid accusations a fake computer science degree was included on his CV.
  • Yahoo Boss Steps Down After He Lied On His CV
    Yahoo chief executive Scott Thompson is to step down after it was revealed he had lied on his CV. The controversy came to light more…
  • ‘Solar panel’ eye implant promises sight without wires
    Tiny panels implanted in the eye could restore vision to the blind without the need for external power sources

  • CONFIRMED: Yahoo CEO Out After Just 4 Months
    UPDATE: Yahoo confirmed in a Sunday afternoon press release that CEO Scott Thompson will step down, effective immediately. As AllThingsD predicted earlier, the company’s board…
  • Bianca Bosker: Don’t Search, Just Absorb: The Dawn Of The Couch Potato Web
    A world where we’re surrounded by alerts — everywhere, anyplace, anytime — suggesting ideas for what we might want to do or buy next. Sure sounds a lot like advertising, doesn’t it?
  • WATCH: Meet Touchy, The Human Camera
    According to Eric Siu, we humans have lost our touch. Touchy, a "phenomenological social interaction experiment" developed by the Hong Kong-based new media artist is…
  • Post Office Bans Shipment Of iPads To Troops Overseas
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service is banning international shipments of electronics with lithium batteries such as smartphones, laptops and iPads, citing the risk…
  • WATCH: Google Celebrates Mother’s Day
    Google on May 13 once again made over its homepage logo, this time in celebration of Mother’s Day. The interactive doodle begins with a lone…
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