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Mobile Technology News, September 1, 2014

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Rick Perry Deletes Tweet Mocking District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg
    Someone with access to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s Twitter account sent out an image on Sunday night mocking the figure at the center of the abuse-of-power accusations that led to an indictment against him.

    The tweet, which has since been deleted, showed an image of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who was arrested on drunk driving charges in April 2013, and the following words:

    “I don’t always drive drunk at 3x the legal blood alcohol limit… But when I do, I indict Gov. Perry for calling me out about it. I am the most drunk Democrat in Texas.”

    The phrasing is a play on “The Most Interesting Man In The World” beer commercials, which have since become an Internet meme.

    Lehmberg, who pleaded guilty in the case, did not indict Perry. He was indicted by a grand jury after an investigation by Michael McCrum, the special prosecutor appointed in the case.

    Perry or someone acting on his behalf deleted the tweet, but it was preserved and retweeted by several others, including Evan Smith, editor-in-chief of The Texas Tribune:

    The full deleted @governorperry tweet: pic.twitter.com/V1diU0X1uo

    — Evan Smith (@evanasmith) September 1, 2014

    Perry sent out a tweet saying the message had been unauthorized:

    A tweet just went out from my account that was unauthorized. I do not condone the tweet and I have taken it down.

    — Rick Perry (@GovernorPerry) September 1, 2014

    Austin-based journalist Scott Braddock pointed out on Twitter a 2011 interview in which a Perry spokesperson said the governor had sole control over the Twitter account.

    Perry is accused of abuse of power and coercion for allegedly attempting to use his veto power to pressure Lehmberg into resigning after the highly publicized arrest. He denies any wrongdoing.

  • Apple To Include Mobile Payments In Next iPhone: Reports
    Apple is partnering with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express to help make the next iPhone into an electronic wallet, Bloomberg reported Sunday. With the new feature, iPhone owners would be able to use their phone to pay for goods at participating retail stores.

    Apple has long been rumored to covet the mobile-payment arena, and the report is the latest indication that the company is finally making its move. This week, Wired reported that Apple’s next iPhone would come equipped with a mobile-payment technology called Near Field Communication.

    The technology website The Information reported last month that Visa had signed on with Apple as a partner, and Re/Code reported on Sunday that American Express was on board as well. Re/code also reported that the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner will “at some point play a role in the system — either at launch or sometime in the future.”

    Google, Amazon, Facebook, Paypal are at various stages of integrating mobile payments into their businesses. But thus far, the technology has failed to take off in the United States.

    Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6 and other new gadgets at an event on September 9.

  • What's New On Netflix In September 2014?
    September is upon is, which means one thing: Netflix has some great new titles right around the corner. From the final season of “How I Met Your Mother” to some of Robin Williams’ best movies, the streaming service has us covered in a big way this month.

    So say goodbye to summer and let the binge-watching begin. Here’s what’s new on Netflix this month:

    TV Shows:
    “Californication,” Seasons 1-7, Sept. 1
    “Chasing UFOs,” Season 1, Sept. 1
    “Doomsday Preppers,” Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
    “Hinterland,” Season 1, Sept. 1
    “Unsealed: Alien Files,” Season 1, Sept. 1
    “Zero Hour,” Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
    “The League,” Season 5, Sept. 2
    “Trailer Park Boys,” Season 8, Sept. 5
    “The Blacklist,” Season 1, Sept. 7
    “Crash & Bernstein,” Season 2, Sept. 10
    “About a Boy,” Season 1, Sept. 14
    “Arrow,” Season 2, Sept. 14
    “Bones,” Season 9, Sept. 16
    “New Girl,” Season 3, Sept. 16
    “The Fosters,” Season 2, Sept. 17
    “Revolution,” Season 2, Sept. Sept. 22
    “How I Met Your Mother,” Season 9, Sept. 26
    “Parks and Recreation,” Season 6, Sept. 26
    “Comic Book Men,” Season 3, Sept. 28
    “The Walking Dead,” Season 4, Sept. 28

    “A Simple Plan,” Sept. 1
    “Cool Runnings,” Sept. 1
    “Crocodile Dundee,” Sept. 1
    “Detention,” Sept. 1
    “Flubber,” Sept. 1
    “Girl Rising,” Sept. 1
    “Girlfight,” Sept. 1
    “Good Morning, Vietnam,” Sept. 1
    “Guess Who,” Sept. 1
    “Hoodwinked,” Sept. 1
    “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie,” Sept. 1
    “Lords of Dogtown,” Sept. 1
    “Mirage Men,” Sept. 1
    “School of Rock,” Sept. 1
    “Small Apartments,” Sept. 1
    “Swiss Family Robinson,” Sept. 1
    “The Believers,” Sept. 1
    “The Blue Lagoon,” Sept. 1
    “The Unbelievers,” Sept. 1
    “All is Lost,” Sept. 5
    “Kid Cannabis,” Sept. 6
    “Le Week-End,” Sept. 6
    “Refuge,” Sept. 6
    “Your Sister’s Sister,” Sept. 6
    “Who Is Dayani Cristal?,” Sept. 9
    “Deadly Code,” Sept. 10
    “A Single Man,” Sept. 11
    “Dennis Miller: America 180,” Sept. 11
    “Filth,” Sept. 11
    “The Moment,” Sept. 11
    “Grace Unplugged,” Sept. 12
    “Justin and the Knights of Valor,” Sept. 13
    “Beginners,” Sept. 16
    “One Day,” Sept. 16
    “Silver Linings Playbook,” Sept. 16
    “3 Days to Kill,” Sept. 17
    “The Double,” Sept. 25
    “Bad Grandpa,” Sept. 27
    “Lullaby,” Sept. 29
    “Killing Them Softly,” Sept. 30

  • Bill Nye 'Announces' Presidential Run With Neil deGrasse Tyson
    “Bill Nye The Science POTUS” may have a nice ring to it, but would the famed “Science Guy” ever run for office?

    A listener of the StarTalk Radio program, which was first hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, asked Nye that question in a recent episode.

    His answer just may make your ears perk up. Check out the video above.

    “Oh, sure, so Neil deGrasse Tyson and I are working on our cabinet,” Nye says in the video, before offering positions to guest hosts comedian Eugene Mirman and former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino.

    Let’s just put that in context: Hillary Clinton hasn’t even announced whether she will or will not run in 2016, and these two science guys are already shoring up their administration.

    Nye’s response was a joke, of course — we doubt that there’s really a “Secretary Of Court Jestering” position to hand out to one’s radio friends — but it makes us wonder what it would be like to have these two brilliant men in the highest offices in the land.

    Nye/Tyson 2016, anyone?

  • 5 Simple Tips For Taking Killer Instagram Travel Photos
    When you’re visiting a beautiful new place, it’s perfectly natural to want to capture the moment with a camera to take it home with you — or Instagram it, so you can share it with your friends immediately.

    Well, creative tourism startup Foto Ruta (that’s Spanish for “photo route”) is here to help optimize this combination of exploration and photography. The company provides informational tours that come with tips about how to capture each destination on camera. Currently, they run tours in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, London and Santiago, as well as pop up events in New York City.

    Sound like fun? We thought so. But, if you can’t get to one of these destination spots, don’t fret — Foto Ruta gave The Huffington Post a few tips for taking photos on smartphones, no matter where you are. And the photos below — all taken with iPhones on Foto Ruta tours — are stunning examples.

    london 1

    Create a mood. Smartphone photography is as much about creating an image as capturing it. Think about what mood you want to convey in your picture, and then select an app or filter that enhances it.

    london 3

    Move your body and think about viewpoint. Using creative angles to frame your shot will take an ordinary photo to new heights. Think of using a bird’s-eye perspective, or get down to street level.

    buenos aires 1

    Get close. Really close. The iPhone and most Androids have increasingly improved technology for capturing detail and focusing up close. Test the limits of your camera, and try some macro shots. You’ll be impressed with what you can create.

    london 2

    Crop instead of zooming. Using your smartphone’s digital zoom can result in a loss of quality. If you’re far from your subject, take the shot and crop later.

    buenos aires 2

    Look for the light. The lower the light, the more grainy the photo will be. So if you want a crisp picture, look for where the light is — and play around with it.

    barcelona 1

  • 22 New Wallpapers for iPad

    Today we have posted 22 all new wallpapers for iPad here at AlliOSNews.  The set of wallpapers are completely free for you to download and use on your iPad and all are sized at 2048×1536, perfect for your Retina display. The wallpapers for iPad are mostly original photos but there are some that I’ve managed to find over the years.  I’ve tried to give credit where credit is due. You can find all of the wallpapers on the Wallpapers for Mac, iPad and iPhone page but I’ve created a gallery that will allow you to preview all of them.  Just

    The post 22 New Wallpapers for iPad appeared first on AlliOSNews.

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