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Mobile Technology News, April 7, 2014

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • VIDEO: Building the truly model city
    MIT’s 3D projections simulate a metropolis
  • Mickey Rooney Remembered: Celebrities React To Legendary Actor's Death
    Celebrities of all stripes — from actors to astronauts — took to Twitter to convey their thoughts about Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney, who died on April 6 at the age of 93.

  • Crossword for You Features 60+ Exclusive Theme-Based Puzzles

    Puzzle lovers of all ages around the world who are bored of repetitive, ordinary and unexciting puzzle apps, can now enjoy endless hours of challenging fun by downloading Skeelo.net GmbH’s new digital puzzle magazine Crossword for You Issue 01 – Popular Puzzles and Mind Games.
    Designed specifically […]

    The post Crossword for You Features 60+ Exclusive Theme-Based Puzzles appeared first on AlliOSNews.

  • Game of Thrones download crackdown
    The City of London Police’s specialist Intellectual Crime Property Unit is cracking down on illegal download websites, which host popular shows like Game of Thrones.
  • Addressable TV's Roll-Out Will Be Uneven: Nielsen's Seth
    SAN FRANCISCO — Programmatically-driven addressable TV advertising in the digital age is “not a pipe dream” – but it will be realized in some countries sooner than others, says media measurer Nielsen’s EVP of global media products, Amit Seth.

    Seth tells Beet.TV the opportunity is being approached by both cable operators at their back-end and tech vendors over IP.

    “Each country has their own backend systems,” Seth says. “Some European countries already have this concept of the Red Button in the remote – that hasn’t come about in some other countries, including some progressive ones like ours.”

    In the UK, one country where the Red Button allows viewers interaction with even basic TV systems, satellite platform BSkyB will this summer turn on its AdSmart technology, allowing advertisers to individually target 500,000 of its viewers using customer account data and an internet connection to its set-top box.

    We interviewed Seth at at the Beet.TV programmatic TV summit presented by Adap.tv, where he was a speaker. Please find our coverage of the summit here.

    You can find this post on Beet.TV.

  • HBO GO Crashes During 'Game Of Thrones'
    HBO GO went down during Sunday night’s season four premiere of “Game of Thrones,” one of the network’s most highly anticipated broadcasts since last month’s finale of “True Detective” when… well… the service also choked.

    Instead of getting the show, many viewers got the image you see above. HBO GO acknowledged the problems on Twitter:

    Looks like there’s trouble in the realm. Apologies for the inconvenience. We’ll be providing updates, so please stay tuned. #GameofThrones

    — HBO GO (@HBOGO) April 7, 2014

    In another tweet, HBO instructed viewers having problems to “send a raven.”

    The tendency of millennials to use their parents’ HBO accounts to watch online, rather than purchasing subscriptions of their own, did not go unnoticed on Twitter.

    It really overburdened the system when Obamacare began allowing children to stay on their parents’ HBO GO until age 26.

    — James Poniewozik (@poniewozik) April 7, 2014

    Even HBO suggested that its subscribers — actual subscribers — still had an option for watching the show:

    We’re sorry for all of the trouble, but if you’re an @HBO subscriber, the @GameOfThrones premiere replays at 11 PM EST.

    — HBO GO (@HBOGO) April 7, 2014

    Everyone else… there are always other ways to stay occupied.

    I’m not keeping score or anything, but books: 1, HBO GO: 0.

    — Harper Perennial (@HarperPerennial) April 7, 2014

  • Mainframes clock up half-century
    The first IBM mainframe was unveiled 50 years ago and the machines continue to play a key role in business today.
  • New money in new media
    US investors bet on new digital media services
  • Retailers to invest more in technology throughout 2014
    Retailers will be spending more on technology over the coming year, with websites and mobile, and new IT systems at the top of their agendas
  • White House May Prohibit Selfies With Obama

    The White House may prohibit selfies with President Obama, a top adviser said on Sunday.

    Speaking on CBS’ Face The Nation, Dan Pfeiffer said that the president didn’t know the photo he took with Red Sox star David Ortiz was part of a Samsung promotion.

    “Someone who uses the President’s likeness to promote a product… that’s a problem,” he said. “Maybe this will be the end of all selfies.”

    The selfie controversy began after Obama took a fun photo with Big Papi. The image quickly went viral, receiving over 45,000 retweets and more than 48,000 favorites on Twitter. Samsung later announced that it was all an orchestrated PR stunt.

    Here’s the pic:

    What an honor! Thanks for the #selfie, @BarackObama pic.twitter.com/y5Ww74sEID

    — David Ortiz (@davidortiz) April 1, 2014

    “We were thrilled to see the special, historic moment David Ortiz captured with his Galaxy Note 3 during his White House visit,” Samsung told the Boston Globe.

    Pfeiffer said that the White House has expressed their concerns to Samsung.

  • Yahoo Looking To Enter Original Programming Game: WSJ
    Web giant Yahoo is not known for online video, but it’s looking to change that.

    The company is close to ordering four different original series that would take the form of half-hour comedies, sources familiar with Yahoo’s plans told The Wall Street Journal.

    The move would pit Yahoo against services such as Amazon and Netflix, which have already made splashes with original series such as “House of Cards” and “Alpha House.” According to the WSJ, per-episode budgets for Yahoo’s series would range from $700,000 to $1 million. A potential problem for Yahoo will be courting advertisers into its online video space to help finance the shows and make the jump into the crowded field a worthwhile investment.

    Yahoo’s acquisition of original programming would be the latest in a series of moves by CEO Marissa Mayer to have a stronger focus on video. In November, Mayer hired Katie Couric away from ABC News to be the company’s “global anchor.” In March, reports swirled that Yahoo was in talks to buy News Distribution Network, an online video service, for upwards of $300 million.

  • Twitter Employee, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Live Tweeted Her Labor
    Giving birth is hard work. Live tweeting while doing so might make it even tougher.

    Yet, it seemed like the appropriate thing for Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who leads social innovation at Twitter, to do. She managed to live-tweet her labor, starting after her water broke on Saturday, April 5, in Buenos Aires where she lives with her husband, according to Buzzfeed. She posted updates from her account, @Claire, along with the hashtag “#inlabor.” The tweets caught the attention of her 330,000-plus followers as well as celebrities, who offered kudos to the multitasking mother-to-be.

    She kicked it off early Saturday morning with a Google search.

    Currently googling: Did my water just break? #labor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Moved on. Now officially googling “Am I in Labor?!?”

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    So this is a contraction. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Contractions 5 minutes apart. My @twitter jacket on. Headed to hospital. #inlabor pic.twitter.com/ZYANny1ZsB

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    When you go into labor weeks early, you don’t remember to pack a baby bag. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    While en route, there were some issues.

    Speed bumps on road and contractions don’t mix. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Car overheating?! Stopping at gas station. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Car overheating again. Another gas station. Woe is me. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Mechanic says car fine. Gives me thumbs up. Tells us to get to hospital. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Then there were some major issues.

    Car now broken down. On side of road. Need taxi. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Can’t find taxi. Is this a joke?!? #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Taxi found. Checked in at hospital. Screaming women abound. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Finally, she made it to the hospital.

    Where are my ice chips? #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    When you give birth several weeks early, you forget hospital essentials. Like @usweekly. And chocolate. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Please stop asking what we are planning to name the baby. We don’t know. And it’s getting awkward. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    This is how I feel: BLERGH!!!!! #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    I got married in an April thunderstorm. I am having a baby in an April thunderstorm. Different Aprils. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Husband confused by what happens next. Aren’t we all? #inlabor pic.twitter.com/mvQlK0m76H

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Supermodel Christy Turlington assured her that’s “normal,” tweeting, “Hope you’ve a good midwife or doula on hand @Claire.” Actress America Ferrera quipped: “Tweeting while in labor! That’s commitment.”

    Have we talked yet about how my OB is a dead ringer for @Bethenny? #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Can we take the placenta? Want to plant tree.(Husband wants no part in this; still focused on lost ukelele).#inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    They say that babies born in storms bring with them the luck of the Argentines. She’s a lucky one, then;) #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Lesson: when you live-tweet your own labor, some will hate. Luckily, your husband will laugh in the corner. #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    On Saturday evening, she welcomed a baby girl, Lucia. And, yes, the newborn already has her Twitter handle locked down.

    Baby girl born! Now, to bond. (Read: See ‘ya in a bit, @twitter). #inlabor

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Welcome to the world Lucía Paz Díaz-Ortiz! And to Twitter, @lucia๐Ÿ˜‰ We love you! #inlabor pic.twitter.com/GD2lhO1BzO

    — Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@Claire) April 5, 2014

    Bethenny Frankel was very impressed.

    .@Claire They call it labor for a reason but little girls make it all worth it! Congrats on baby @Lucia! @Twitter give this woman a raise!

    — Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) April 6, 2014

    Congrats, Claire! And welcome to the world of social media, little Lucia!

  • Digital Marketing In The Era Of The Empowered Consumer
    The marketing function will undergo the greatest IT-driven business transformation, research per IDC which I referenced this week during my presentation at Interop. The main point of my presentation was to strongly emphasize the need for collaboration between CIOs and CMOs in order to successfully champion digital marketing initiatives. In my presentation, I pointed to a marketing technology supergraphic that was developed by Scott Brinker, highlighting nearly 1,000 marketing technology companies. Spanning a career that sat at the intersection of marketing and technology, Scott Brinker, CTO of ion interactive is one of the most knowledge marketing technology experts that we have had on our weekly CXOTalk show. Brinker is the blogger of the Chief Marketing Technology blog chiefmartec.com, author of an eBook on the history of the empowered consumer and the state of technology today.


    Scott Brinker

    Even though Brinker’s passion is marketing tools he says at the end of the day they are but a means to an end. The real focus is how marketing is changing to deliver a better customer experience with digital technologies, which comes down to the people and process. According to Brinker, “You can have a mediocre set of technologies but if you have really good people and a really good process you can get tremendous results.”

    Brinker gives great advice to CMOs for using digital marketing to deliver an exceptional customer experience in this era of the empowered consumer, one touch point at a time.

    5 Ways to Grow Marketing in the Era of the Empowered Consumer:

    1. Use digital to improve things over a specific period of time – Brinker has a slightly different opinion of “digital transformation”. It’s a term that sounds so big, yet for a lot of companies digital transformation is not about having the fundamental business changed overnight by digital. He thinks that people would be better served if when they hear digital transformation they think about how they can use digital to improve things over the next quarter or two rather than getting overwhelmed with thinking that their whole industry is going to fall out from beneath them.

    For most companies, digital transformation is about the steps a company needs to take to respond to customers who have come to expect a certain level of interactions at the digital level. Companies need to think about how to start to incorporate all this data into making better decisions incrementally and at a better pace.

    2. Employ a point person in marketing for leveraging technology – At the end of the day the point of technology is not the technology itself, but how to leverage it to deliver remarkable customer experiences. To help the CMO accomplish that objective, the role of the “Chief Marketing Technologist” (CMT) comes in. Brinker says that the title is not important; what is important is to have a point person in marketing for organizing how marketing is leveraging technology. This person reports to the CMO and acts as the right hand to the CTO for how technology can accomplish specific marketing missions.

    Brinker does not advocate for the need of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to help make the digital transformation. He believes it is better if can be accomplished with a strong partnership of the CIO and CMO because “digital doesn’t stay in a box”. He advises that the CIO and CMO sit down regularly to collaborate regarding the priorities of the organization and leverage the role of the CMT to act as a liaison to operationalize their plans at the next level.

    Analyst Laura McLellan of Gartner recently published the study, “How the Presence of a Chief Marketing Technologist Impacts Marketing.” The report shows that in 2013, 81% of organizations surveyed had the equivalent of a chief marketing technologist, compared to 70 percent in 2012. Another 8% of organizations plan to add a chief marketing technologist during the next two years.

    3. Deliver a consistent converged media experience – In the digital age we live in, customers are able to quickly and seamlessly move between marketing touch points and they expect consistency in their interactions. From the customer perspective the forms of media in which we interact with them are converged, challenging marketers to work on living up to that expectation. Marketers know that a converged media content strategy that includes earned, paid and owned content is needed to connect to customers in today’s digitally-savvy world, but many marketers struggle with how to connect the data that comes in through the various media channels back to the sales organization. This dilemma demonstrates why technology alone is not sufficient to drive the type of digital transformation that many companies want to take. There needs to be a set of organization and process changes and someone to needs to act as the steward to drive this set of coordinated responses to the converged media. The good news is that the technology does exist for that to happen as long as you have the right process and right people to capture those buying signals.

    At Extreme Networks, we are using social listening tools (Radian6), social CRM tools (Salesforce.com) and social collaboration tools (Chatter) to deliver a consistent, converged media experience for our customers. Our community manager is able to pick up customer comments in real-time with Radian6, then use Chatter to let the right sales team know so they are in the loop.

    4. Hone the skills needed for digital success – Technology is always changing and evolving and this is especially true with digital. People who have an orientation toward being willing to try new things, learn, experiment with new capabilities and embrace change will have a huge advantage.

    Another useful skill for marketers, says Brinker, will be analytics. Apart from having an analytical specialist or data scientist, CMOs should work to develop the analytical capabilities within the marketing team. Brinker says it is more valuable to have the marketing team as a whole get comfortable with managing with those numbers, knowing what to optimize and what questions to ask.

    The bottom line is that marketing in an organization of any real size is a team sport. As more and more things get put under the umbrella of marketing, marketing it is getting very large. Brinker says that each person does not need to be brilliant at everything, what’s important is that the team as a whole collectively has all of these capabilities and is organized in a way where they can tap into the strengths of each one at the right time.

    5. Get past the Zero Moment of Truth
    – The rise of search has put so much information at the consumers fingertips that by the time a prospect calls sales they often know more about the product than the salesperson. And thanks to social, their experience can be shared to influence others and their choice of whether to engage the company or not. Brinker talks about “moments of truth” in his must-read eBook, “A NEW BRAND OF MARKETING: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline”.

    Brinker explains that there are moments of truth in purchasing a product, using the product, etc. But in the age of the empowered customer, customers won’t even make it to the first moment of truth if they don’t get past what Google’s Jim Lecinski calls the “Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)”. The zero moment of truth is when someone has an interest in a brand and goes online to google it and the impression they get from all these online touch points will influence if they even make it to the first moment of truth – choosing your brand. Content marketing may be the holy grail of marketing these days, but what matters most is what content consumers are finding, because that heavily influences their decision making process.

    In this era of the empowered consumer, organizations have to be smart and find the right technologies and employ them to deliver great customer experiences. With high customer expectations of the quality and sophistication of customer experiences with marketing, success in digital transformation will come from bringing together the right culture, people, process and technology. I encourage all CMOs or anyone in Marketing to follow Scott Brinker.

    You can watch the full interview with Scott Brinker here. Please join me and Michael Krigsman every Friday at 3PM EST as we host CXOTalk – connecting with thought leaders and innovative executives who are pushing the boundaries within their companies and their fields.

  • Apollo 15 Artifacts Featured In NYC Space Auction
    NEW YORK (AP) — Everything from American and Russian spacesuits to a moon dust-covered strap from the Apollo 12 mission will be available to space history buffs at auction in New York City next week.

    Among the highlights at Bonhams on Tuesday is a motion picture sight ring, a small polarizing filter put on a camera that was used by astronaut James Irwin on Apollo 15. “It was used in the module when it landed on the moon and also on takeoff,” said Cassandra Hatton, Bonham’s space history specialist. “It’s extremely rare, probably the only one in private hands.” The sight ring is being sold by Irwin’s estate and is estimated at $20,000 to $30,000.

    Another fascinating item is an Apollo 12 shoulder strap embedded with lunar dust. It was used when astronauts Charles Conrad and Alan Bean conducted two extensive surface explorations during which they accumulated a large amount of lunar dust on their suits, gloves and flight equipment. The strap has a pre-sale estimate of $25,000 to $35,000.

    The sale is significant because “we have items that came directly from astronauts, items that they carried into lunar orbit with them, items that went to the lunar surface and items that have lunar dust on them,” Hatton said.

    Other highlights include Apollo 11’s lunar surface checklist sheet with annotations by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The data enabled Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to return to earth.

    The auction house said it is one of the most extensive sets of notations ever made on the lunar surface. It has a pre-sale estimate of $35,000 to $45,000.

    Other items include a Mercury era spacesuit estimated at $8,000 to $12,000. It is an example of the cover layer for the famous silver spacesuit of the Mercury program. The one being offered is not attributed to any astronaut and was never flown.

    A Soviet-era Strizh spacesuit designed to protect cosmonauts from ejection is estimated at $15,000 to $20,000. Bonhams said it is one of only 27 created for test and training purposes between 1981 and 1991.

    American flags flown on various expeditions also are in the sale, including a silk version carried to the moon by Aldrin on Apollo 11. It’s estimated at $20,000 to $30,000.

  • VIDEO: US gamers play skyscraper Tetris
    Fans of the classic video game Tetris have helped mark its 30th anniversary by bringing the game to new heights.
  • Gamers Play 'Tetris' On Philadelphia Skyscraper

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Sam Robinson said it’s been about 15 years since he last played the videogame Tetris on a Game Boy. On Saturday night, he played it on the side of a skyscraper.

    Robinson, 30, was among the hundreds of Tetris fans who had a little fun Saturday with a big version of the classic video game on the side of the 29-story Cira Centre in downtown Philadelphia.

    “It has been probably 15 years since I played Tetris last on a Game Boy, and it’s much different playing on the side of building that’s a half-mile away,” the city resident said. “Everything’s happening so quick.”

    The hundreds of LED lights embedded in the building’s glass facade normally display colorful patterns. On Saturday night, images of supersized shapes “fell” on two sides of the mirrored tower as competitors used joysticks to maneuver them, creating a spectacle against the night sky that organizers hoped inspired onlookers and players to think about the possibilities of technology.

    It wasn’t the first time Tetris has been played on a building. But the 100,000-square-foot “screen” — which includes the north and south faces of the structure — could be a record.

    The spectacle kicked off a citywide series of events called Philly Tech Week. It also celebrated the upcoming 30th anniversary of a game revered as the epitome of elegance and simplicity, said Frank Lee, an associate professor of digital media at Drexel University.

    Lee, a game designer who oversaw creation of the giant display, said putting it on an office building was like making a huge virtual campfire.

    “This project began as a personal love letter to the games that I loved when I was a child – Pong last year, Tetris this year. But it ended up as a way of uniting the city of Philadelphia,” Lee told the crowd.

    Lee already holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest architectural video game display for playing Pong on one side of the Cira Centre last year. Pong, the granddaddy of all video games, is an electronic version of paddleball developed by Atari in 1972.

    Tetris, created by Russian computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, challenges players to rotate and arrange falling shapes into complete rows.

    It became a global phenomenon in the late 1980s after game designer Henk Rogers, who had seen Tetris at a trade show in Las Vegas, acquired the rights and struck a deal to put it on Nintendo’s original Game Boy.

    Rogers, who was among the players on Saturday in Philadelphia, said he can’t believe the longevity of Tetris, which decades later continues to mesmerize players on more than 30 platforms.

    “If a game lasts a year, that’s amazing,” said Rogers, now managing director of The Tetris Co. “They usually go out of style very quickly.”

    Rogers said several new Tetris products and initiatives are planned for release around its June 6 anniversary. He declined to discuss details.


    Follow Kathy Matheson at www.twitter.com/kmatheson

  • Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald Caution Against Wider Government Monitoring
    By Karl Plume
    CHICAGO, April 5 (Reuters) – Edward Snowden and reporter Glenn Greenwald, who brought to light the whistleblower’s leaks about mass U.S. government surveillance last year, appeared together via video link from opposite ends of the earth on Saturday for what was believed to be the first time since Snowden sought asylum in Russia.
    A sympathetic crowd of nearly 1,000 packed a downtown Chicago hotel ballroom at Amnesty International USA’s annual human rights meeting and gave Greenwald, who dialed in from Brazil, a raucous welcome before Snowden was patched in 15 minutes later to a standing ovation.
    The pair cautioned that government monitoring of “metadata” is more intrusive than directly listening to phone calls or reading emails and stressed the importance of a free press willing to scrutinize government activity.
    Metadata includes which telephone number calls which other numbers, when the calls were made and how long they lasted. Metadata does not include the content of the calls.
    Amnesty International is campaigning to end mass surveillance by the U.S. government and calling for Congressional action to further rein in the collection of information about telephone calls and other communications.
    Last year, Snowden, who had been working at a NSA facility as an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, leaked a raft of secret documents that revealed a vast U.S. government system for monitoring phone and Internet data.
    The leaks deeply embarrassed the Obama administration, which in January banned U.S. eavesdropping on the leaders of friendly countries and allies and began reining in the sweeping collection of Americans’ phone data in a series of limited reforms triggered by Snowden’s revelations.
    Snowden faces arrest if he steps foot on U.S. soil.
    President Barack Obama said last month he plans to ask Congress to end the bulk collection and storage of phone records by the NSA but allow the government to access metadata when needed.
    Snowden and Greenwald said that such data is in fact more revealing than outright government spying on phone conversations and emails.
    “Metadata is what allows an actual enumerated understanding, a precise record of all the private activities in all of our lives. It shows our associations, our political affiliations and our actual activities,” said Snowden, dressed in a jacket with no tie in front of a black background.
    A Reuters/Ipsos poll this week showed the majority of Americans were concerned that Internet companies were encroaching on too much of their lives.
    Greenwald, who met with Snowden 10 months ago and wrote about the leaked documents in the Guardian and other media outlets, promised further revelations of government abuses of power at his new media venture the Intercept.
    “My hope and my belief is that as we do more of that reporting and as people see the scope of the abuse as opposed to just the scope of the surveillance they will start to care more,” he said.
    “Mark my words. Put stars by it and in two months or so come back and tell me if I didn’t make good on my word.” (Editing by Lisa Shumaker)
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