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Mobile Technology News, June 30, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • John Pavley: HuffPost Is a Virtual World
    Richard Bartle, one of the original coders of the whole MUD (multi-user dungeons) and gaming industry, has written an easy to comprehend and richly detailed look at the history, design, development, and marketing of virtual worlds.
  • Windows 8.1 vs. Apple: Twofer or tablet?
    With Windows 8.1 comes scads of hybrids from PC makers eager to show the world that you really don’t need to carry around that iPad anymore.
  • WATCH: How To Increase Your Twitter Following
    Eric Kuhn isn’t your recreational social media user. By the age of 24, he had already earned himself a place on Forbes’ "30 under 30,"…
  • NSA Reportedly Bugged European Union Offices, Networks
    * NSA bugged offices, spied on internal networks -magazine * U.S. agency "accessed documents, read emails" (Adds U.S. spokesman had no comment, paragraph 5) BERLIN,…
  • John Brown: Is Anyone Speaking?
    Yes, let’s read, write, and use the Internet, but let’s not abandon the miraculous pleasure of speaking in the real world with identifiable persons other than ourselves.
  • Apple Testing Software Update to Address 2013 MacBook Air Wi-Fi Issues
    Last week, it was reported that a growing number of owners of Apple’s new MacBook Air were experiencing Wi-Fi issues, with users reporting problems such as dropped connections that require a restart in order to reconnect. It was reported earlier this week that Apple has been replacing affected machines and collecting the defective units in order to examine them as part of the company’s investigation into the issue.

    As noted by AppleInsider, Apple is now sending out invitations to certain MacBook Air owners asking if they wish to participate in the company’s AppleSeed customer software seeding program for the purposes of testing a new “MacBook Air WiFi Update 1.0”. While Apple does not specify in its invitation exactly what problem the software update is designed to address, it presumably focuses on the connection issues being reported by users.

    You have been selected to join our AppleSeed program. If you accept, we will provide you with a pre-release version of the MacBookAir WiFi Update 1.0 to install and use.

    While trying out MacBookAir WiFi Update 1.0, we ask that you provide us with your feedback. Our program includes a bug reporting system for our participants. If you wish to be a seed volunteer and help Apple release high-quality software, follow the instructions below.

    Beyond the connection issues, Apple’s OS X 10.8.4 public release and OS X Mavericks beta also appear to have a software issue that prevents machines supporting the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard from taking advantage of the faster speeds for file transfers. It is, however, unclear whether Apple will address this issue for current MacBook Air owners through this software update in testing or through a separate update such as the upcoming OS X 10.8.5 update.


  • Nitrogen Leak At Intel Plant Sends Employees To Hospital
    A nitrogen leak at an Intel plant in Chandler, Arizona, sent 11 employees to the hospital on Saturday. Chandler fire department spokesman Tom Dwiggins told…
  • Possible Photos of Plastic Rear Shell from Apple’s Lower-Cost iPhone
    Nowhereelse.fr shares [Google translation] a pair of photos of what may be the rear shell of Apple’s rumored lower-cost plastic iPhone. While the site acknowledges that the part could simply be a Chinese clone of an iPhone 5 rear shell, certain features such as a round rear microphone hole and rounded rear edges are consistent with previous claims for the lower-cost iPhone, including leaked design drawings from a case maker.

    Apple has been said to be planning to release the lower-cost iPhone later this year in an array of colors, with one report claiming that Apple would be using essentially the same colors as found in the company’s line of iPhone 4/4S bumpers, although that report indicated that green appeared to have been excluded from the set. This green rear shell is indeed fairly close in color to the green iPhone bumper.


  • Could This Power Future Generations Of Electric Cars?
    From EarthTechling’s Nino Marchetti: One solution often seen with electric buses, and sometimes with electric trucks, is to power them via attachment to overhead power…
  • Obama: Make Climate Change A Must For Your Vote
    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is trying to frame climate change as a make-or-break political issue, urging Americans to vote only for those who will…
  • LIVE FROM THE IDEAS FESTIVAL: Kickstarter And The Economics Of Creativity
    TIME: 2:00pm-3:00pm EST Kickstarter is on pace to disseminate triple the amount of money the National Endowment for the Arts distributes in grants to arts…
  • Beware The Latest Threat To Internet And Cellphone In New Mexico
    TAOS, N.M. — Officials have finally identified the culprit behind a 20-hour Internet and cellphone outage last week in northern New Mexico _an eager beaver….
  • PICS: Is This Queen Maxima’s Favorite Hat?
    Is Queen Maxima a geek at heart? We’re starting to think so, as the stylish royal cozied up to some robot buddies at an event…
  • How Facebook Is Killing Vine In 1 Graph
    When Instagram announced the addition of video to its filter-filled photo-sharing app last week, many opined that it would be the end of Vine. But…
  • 25 Architects To Follow On Instagram
    (Originally published here) Last year, we published a post (one of our most popular of all time) on the4 Apps that every architect should have…

Mobile Technology News, June 29, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • TSMC Confirms Deal with Apple to Produce A-Series Chips for Future iOS Devices
    tsmcThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) to produce some A-series chips for Apple’s iOS devices starting in 2014. The article confirms a report from Digitimes published earlier this week regarding the deal.

    This month, after years of technical delays, Apple finally signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to make some of the chips starting in 2014, according to a TSMC executive. The process had been beset by glitches preventing the chips from meeting Apple’s speed and power standards, TSMC officials said.

    The report states that TSMC plans to start producing the chips in early 2014 using 20-nanometer technology, which would make chips smaller and more energy efficient. The two companies have been discussing their arrangement since 2010, with serious discussions on the process of creating the chips starting in 2011.

    TSMC executives told the WSJ that Apple had asked to either invest in the company or to have TSMC set aside a factory specifically for Apple chips. Executives said they had denied both options because they wanted to keep TSMC’s independence and manufacturing flexibility intact.

    Apple has so far used Samsung to exclusively manufacture the A-series chips for its iOS devices, but with the two companies becoming rivals in the mobile device market, Apple has been trying to reduce its reliance on Samsung for components.

    As the WSJ notes, Apple and Samsung’s relationship as far as components goes back to the early days of the iPod as Samsung won some business from Apple after the company became unhappy with original iPod processor supplier PortalPlayer. While Apple was aware that Samsung planned to compete with it in the mobile device market, Samsung had told Apple that it kept its component business separate from the mobile device business and promised to keep its executives from sharing information with each other.

    Some Apple executives didn’t like the arrangement, and in 2008 Apple began an effort to shift away from Samsung for its flash memory supplies. In 2010, Apple made a similar move with its iPhone displays, shifting production from Samsung to Sharp and Toshiba, although Retina display iPads continue to use Samsung displays.

    And while Apple is trying to rid itself of its reliance on Samsung, the Korean company understandably would still like to keep Apple as one of its customers, with an estimated $10 billion of Samsung’s reported $59 billion in component sales coming from the Cupertino company.


  • Fans braced for Google Reader demise
    As Google prepares to close its popular Reader service, rivals are grasping at the chance to attract millions of new users almost overnight.
  • Laura Overdeck: Top 11 Reasons Kids Need To Learn Math
    As America bemoans its woeful performance in math, we should remind ourselves why we want our kids to do well in math in the first place.
  • Yeah, This Happened…
    We’ve got 99 problems, but these auditions ain’t one. (For more, click here.)…
  • OS X Mavericks Adds Auto-Renew Subscriptions for Mac App Store [Mac Blog]
    While iOS apps like Evernote and Instapaper are able to provide users with in-app auto-renewing monthly subscriptions for services, the same functionality is not available in the Mac App Store at the current time.

    For example, Evernote is able to offer a renewable monthly subscription to its premium service via iOS, charging $5 per month. On the Mac App Store, however, Evernote cannot offer a subscription, instead requiring users to sign up each month or purchase a year of service in advance.

    As 9to5Mac notes, that is set to change in OS X Mavericks, with the introduction of Auto-Renewable Subscriptions for Mac Apps.

    With the release of Mavericks, Mac developers will be able to provide services on an ongoing monthly basis with charges routed through the App Store’s in-app purchase system. As with the iOS App Store, developers will be able to offer both ongoing subscriptions and subscriptions that expire after a set time, automatically charging a user’s iTunes account.

    Mac App Store subscriptions in Mavericks will be managed in the Mac App Store’s account information panel, which has been updated with a new subscription management setting.

    OS X Mavericks was previewed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It is currently available for developers, and is expected to be released to the public in the fall.


  • PHOTOS: Duck Gets New Foot, Thanks To 3D Printer
    A duck with a backward foot is getting a second chance, thanks to 3D printing technology. Buttercup, born last year in a high school biology…
  • Brad Spirrison: The Best Five iPad Apps to Teach Your Kid How to Read
    While iPad applications should never fully replace books as a resource to teach your kid how to read, they offer many interactive benefits that simply can’t be conveyed via black ink on white pages.
  • Reimagining STEM at School: Education Heavy Hitters Discuss On Twitter
    On Friday at 3pm ET, the HuffPost Girls in STEM Mentorship program hosted a Twitter chat with Huff Post Education and close to six hundred…
  • Blackberry shares dive after loss
    Smartphone maker Blackberry rings up an $84m (£55m) loss in its first quarter, sending its shares plunging.
  • Facebook Collects Phone Numbers Without Permission — Even From Non-Members
    Facebook has been inadvertently collecting phone numbers belonging to people who download the site’s Android application — even if they aren’t members of the social…
  • Groupon Founder Andrew Mason’s Album Coming Soon
    Last month we reported that former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason was eschewing the traditional ”taking a break to spend time with his family” routine in…
  • The N.S.A. Is Breaking The Law
    THE twin revelations that telecom carriers have been secretly giving the National Security Agency information about Americans’ phone calls, and that the N.S.A. has been…
  • Austin Considine: The Steve Jobs Biopic Trailer Is Here, and It’s a Vintage Tech Fantasy
    Maybe you didn’t have time to read Walter Isaacson’s 656-page biography of Steve Jobs — a little long, ironically, for reading on the iPhone and iPad. No worries, Apple fanboys and girls: There’s plenty more to come.
  • WOW! Soldier’s Son Reunited With Lost ‘Daddy Doll’
    Judah and Noah Gossett love their "Daddy dolls" — customized toys featuring the smiling face of their military father. The boys’ dad is serving in…
  • Windows aims to open up 3D printing to the masses
    The software giant’s move could help bring 3D printing into the mainstream, but don’t expect Star Trek-style replicators just yet


  • Tech Billionaire Writes 9,500-Word Defense Of Lavish Forest Wedding
    Sean Parker isn’t finished defending his recent forest wedding. In a 9,500-word essay published on TechCrunch Thursday, the Napster co-founder recounted the entire story of…
  • Julie Kantor: The Dirty Job America Must Now Embrace — Closing the Skills Gap
    We forgot how to just make something that America could sell and many ‘dirty jobs’ were viewed as beneath us in our quest to work smart but not necessarily hard.
  • Fueled: Calling All Parents: Should Your Kids Be on the Phone?
    It’s a conversation all parents will have — it’s only a matter of when. It starts with "Puleeeeeeze! All my friends have one!" Kids — all kids — want one, badly. The target of their desires, of course, is the ubiquitous, must-have cell phone.
  • Famous Obama Portrait Artist Approves Of Parodies
    "Obey Giant" artist Shepard Fairey might not approve of domestic electronic surveillance, but he’s totally "pleased" with people remixing his art to comment on it….

Mobile Technology News, June 28, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • RSS, autocomplete URLs hit new Android Firefox beta
    Flat design is in, including the new Firefox logo. Meanwhile, the beta version of the Android browser picks up some helpful usability features.
  • Courtrooms to get digital overhaul
    Courtrooms in England and Wales will be fully digital by 2016, as part of £160m plans to speed up the criminal justice system, the government says.
  • Google Working on Game Console to Compete with Future Apple Gaming Threat
    According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Google has an Android-based a video game console and smart watch in the works in order to compete with products the company expects Apple to produce in the future.

    Google is also continuing development on the Nexus Q, a media console that it announced last year but did not release. The Nexus Q was designed to stream music, video, and YouTube content to home entertainment systems, similar to the Apple TV.

    With the watch and game console, Google is hoping to combat similar devices that Apple Inc. may release in the future, the people said.

    The people briefed on the matter said Google is reacting in part to expectations that rival Apple will launch a videogame console as part of its next Apple TV product release.

    This is not the first time it has been suggested that Apple could use the Apple TV to make a serious foray into the console gaming market. Tech sites have speculated for years that gaming on the Apple TV might be in Apple’s future, and earlier this year, Xbox founding engineer Nat Brown said that Apple could “destroy” console gaming with third party apps on the Apple TV.

    In February, TechCrunch‘s MG Siegler confirmed that Apple has something television related in the pipeline, which might be a television set or a revised box. Siegler suggested that gaming could be the major focal point of the new television product.

    While Apple has referred to its Apple TV as a hobby project, the company has seen sales continue to rise over the years. With the second generation Apple TV and the introduction of AirPlay Mirroring for iOS devices with iOS 5, gaming on the set-top box became possible for the first time.

    Clever developers have already begun using that technology to turn the Apple TV into a gaming console, with several implementing second screen capabilities that turn the iPhone or iPad into a controller. A game released earlier today goes even further, morphing the iPhone into a motion controller that serves as a tennis racket.

    Now Apple has revealed that it has established partnerships with Logitech and MOGA to develop third party MFi certified gaming controllers, which would better facilitate television-based gaming, suggesting that the company is indeed turning its focus to serious gameplay. It should also be noted that 21 of the top 25 all time best selling App Store apps are games.

    mogaprocontrollerA MOGA Gaming Controller

    It is not unexpected that Google is planning for a gaming solution of its own to compete with a potential Apple offering, as the Mountain View-based company began work on a Smart Watch after news broke that Apple was developing a watch of its own. News of Apple’s upcoming smart watch dubbed “iWatch” surfaced in December, and hints that Google would develop a competing product surfaced in March.

    Wearable computers and fitness tracking devices such as the Pebble Smart Watch, the Jawbone UP, and the Nike FuelBand have soared in popularity in recent months and in addition to Apple and Google, other companies like Samsung and Microsoft are said to be developing wearable computing devices. Google already has experience in the market with Google Glass, which it plans to release to the public next year.

    According to the WSJ, Google hopes to design and market its devices in house, releasing at least one product this fall. There are no hints on when Apple could potentially launch a revamped Apple TV or a smart watch, but its gaming controllers are expected in the fall alongside the iPhone 5S and iOS 7.

    Tim Cook has also suggested that the company has “amazing new hardware, software, and services” coming later in the year and throughout 2014.


  • Voyager surfs Solar System’s edge
    The veteran Voyager-1 space probe is close to making the jump to interstellar space, but no-one can say for sure when it will finally happen.
  • Foxconn Announces iPhone-Compatible Smart Wristband [iOS Blog]
    Foxconn has announced a new smart wristband that can measure vital signs like respiration and heartbeat, and also check phone calls and Facebook posts, according to a report from the Want China Times.

    Terry Gou, the head of Hon Hai Precision Industry — the name of Foxconn’s parent company — said the company’s research groups are looking to add fingerprint identification to the product as well. The device can make suggestions to the wearer on ways to improve their health if vital signs are out of the optimal range.


    Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou said his company’s wireless communications and medical research groups also plan to add new features such as fingerprint identification to the gadget in the future, to help record personal health data.

    “With such a device, you can keep your phone in your pocket and simply check all kinds of messages on your watch,” Gou told shareholders.

    Wearable computers are a quickly developing market, with devices like the Nike FuelBandwhich Tim Cook wears — and the Fitbit Flex wristband making inroads with consumers, while prototype devices like Google Glass have captured the attention of tech-savvy types.

    Apple is actively developing wearable devices, including a smart watch with a curved glass screen. It’s been reported that Apple has a team of 100 working on its smart watch project, and that the device’s development has moved beyond the experimental phase.


  • Ethiopia’s tech hopefuls
    Going high tech despite Ethiopia’s lumbering infrastructure
  • Your BIGGEST Snapchat Pet Peeves!
    What’s more annoying than your BFF ignoring you? Your BFF ignoring you on Snapchat, of course. You already know the dos and don’ts of using…
  • Students Prep Entry For 1,800-Mile Solar Car Race
    From Mother Nature Network’s Jim Motavalli: People really love the idea of cars that run on water, air or solar power. It just sounds so,…
  • Ciara Pressler: New Rules for Crowdfunding: Respect Your Audience to Maximize Your Results
    As a marketer and consultant for new business and creative projects, I see every rule in the book being broken in crowdfunding campaigns. In some cases, these campaigns are even hurting the future of the project, from alienating your audience to scooping your press story.
  • Ballmer’s latest pitch to the faithful: Wide of the mark?
    CEO Steve Ballmer made the case that Microsoft can be all things to all people, but that argument fell short when his Build 2013 keynote couldn’t stick its landing.
  • GOP-Led States May Fight Obama On Climate Change
    WASHINGTON–President Barack Obama’s new push against climate change may resistance from Republican-led state governments. Obama on Tuesday announced his long-term climate change plan that will…
  • Keith Blanchard: Touching Infinity: The Touchscreen Singularity Is Here
    Suddenly, the boundary between the virtual and the real is all around us, a vanishingly thin plane that can be stretched over any real-world object, and that can connect us, with fingertip pressure, to the deep digital, social, data-rich world behind that object.
  • Teenager Jailed For ‘Terroristic’ Facebook Comment
    Maybe it’s time the Internet adopted a "sarcasm" tag to alert readers to the use of irony in online conversation, and, hopefully, avoid situations like…
  • John Rampton: Common SEO Errors, Notices and Warnings
    SEO can be a rather time consuming task, especially if you’re relatively new to the process. Out of all the things that need fixing, a few stand out above the rest.
  • What Does It Take To Become An Astronaut?
    NASA’s June 17 announcement that it had selected eight new astronaut-trainees has some people asking: What does it take to become an astronaut? The short…
  • Glass For Athletes, Not Nerds
    It’s a pair of lightweight glasses with a high-definition camera that connects to the Internet. A screen over the right lens serves up text messages…
  • Suicide Victim’s Sister Says Cops Harassed Him
    MOSCOW, Idaho — The sister of a 19-year-old Pullman, Wash., man who committed suicide last weekend is seeking an apology from an Idaho sheriff’s deputy…
  • Documents Expose More NSA Spying
    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration gathered U.S. citizens’ Internet data until 2011, continuing a spying program started under President George W. Bush that revealed whom…
  • Avid Media Composer 7 and Pro Tools 11 Now Available [Mac Blog]
    First announced in April, Avid’s upgraded video editing and audio production tools, Media Composer 7 and Pro Tools 11, are now available for purchase.

    Media Composer 7, Avid’s professional video editing software, is being offered at a significant discount though it offers a number of new features including FrameFlex tools and automated media management tasks.

    Media Composer is the most widely used NLE for professional film and video editing. With Media Composer 7, you gain accelerated high-res-to-HD workflows, automated media management, and Interplay Sphere for Mac support (Media Composer 7 Interplay Edition only—available from Avid resellers and sales reps, extending real-time production everywhere. Experience the fastest file-based media workflows, ACE-certified tools, and the most trusted media management in the industry, now at a lower price.

    ProTools 11, which launched last week, is Avid’s flagship audio production software. The updated version features the new Avid Audio Engine for increased processing power, additional virtual instruments and effects, and 64-bit performance. Among other upgrades, It also comes equipped with an optimized Workspace Browser and new key command workflows for improved efficiency.

    The most powerful digital audio workstation just got more powerful. Pro Tools 11 redefines professional music and audio production for today’s workflows. From all-new audio and video engines and turbocharged 64-bit performance, to expanded metering and new HD video workflows, Pro Tools 11 enables you to take on the most demanding sessions and maximize your creativity—without holding anything back.

    Both Media Composer 7 and Pro Tools 11 can be purchased from the Avid Store for $999 and $699, respectively. Older Pro Tools users can upgrade with a $300-$500 fee. Existing Media Composer users can upgrade to version 7 for $299 to $399.

    While the Media Composer 7 Interplay Edition ($1,499) is not available through the Avid website and must be purchased from an Avid reseller or sales rep, the Symphony Option can be purchased separately for $1,499.


Mobile Technology News, June 27, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Apple’s iTunes Radio Terms With Record Labels Revealed
    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple sent its iTunes Radio terms to independent record labels last week and the paper was able to review a copy of the contract. It dictates that Apple will pay record labels both in royalties on individual song plays, as well as how much advertising Apple is able to sell.

    During iTunes Radio’s first year, Apple will pay a label 0.13 cents each time a song is played, as well as 15% of net advertising revenue, proportionate to a given label’s share of the music played on iTunes. In the second year, that bumps up to 0.14 cents per listen, plus 19% of ad revenue.

    That’s compared to the 0.12 cents — $0.0012 — that Pandora pays labels per play, although the paper says Apple will be paying publishers more than twice as much in royalties than Pandora. For streaming music, publishers and record labels are paid independently.

    There are also restrictions in place that allow Apple to not pay royalties. Some song plays are unpaid if they are already in a listener’s iTunes library or part of an album they own, tracks selected by iTunes for special promotion, or if listeners skip a song before the 20 second mark. However, Apple can only avoid royalties for two songs per hour per user.

    itunes radio
    And while these terms were sent out to independent music labels, the WSJ claims they are similar to the terms major labels like Universal Music Group and Warner Music have signed.

    Apple doesn’t expect iTunes Radio to generate much ad revenue, but hopes it will drive iTunes sales and help sell more iPhones, iPods and other Apple hardware. The company does hope it can help grow the iAd mobile advertising platform.

    Finally, the paper says the terms include “several references to terms for the use of music in talk, weather, sports and news programming” on iTunes Radio and that Apple wouldn’t have to pay royalties on music snippets used in those types of programming. The WSJ believes that it is unlikely Apple creates it’s own content to take advantage of that.

    The details provided provide a look into the terms long debated in the negotiation process between Apple and music labels. Apple reportedly agreed to higher royalty rates in early April, and then signed deals with the major labels in time to announce the new service at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June.


  • Jeff Williams and Bruce Sewell Cash in Apple Stock Worth Nearly $15 Million [Mac Blog]
    sewellTwo filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that Apple executives Jeff Williams and Bruce Sewell each sold tens of thousands of shares of Apple stock on Monday, netting both millions of dollars.

    Bruce Sewell, Apple’s general counsel and Senior Vice President of Legal and Government Affairs, sold 37,172 shares for approximately $15 million while Jeff Williams, who serves as Apple’s Senior Vice President of Operations, sold off 36,819 shares of stock, also earning approximately $15 million.

    Bruce Sewell and Jeff Williams were among Apple executives who were awarded 150,000 RSUs in 2011 as an incentive to remain employed at Apple. Half of those shares vested on June 21, 2013. The other half will vest on March 21, 2016. In addition to 75,000 RSUs vesting in 2016, Sewell and Williams both have thousands of shares of stock remaining.

    The transactions made by Sewell and Williams were in accordance with SEC Rule 10b5-1, which means the two executives notified the SEC that they planned to sell shares months ahead of the sale to avoid any accusations of insider trading.


  • New Accessibility Options in iOS 7 Allow iPad or iPhone to be Controlled with Head Movements
    This afternoon, a tipster who spoke to 9to5Mac pointed out a new feature in iOS 7’s Accessibility menu, which allows iPhone users to control their devices using head movements.

    The option can be found in the Switch Control area of the Accessibility menu, which is designed for users who need assistance with physical and motor movements.


    Switch Control allows you to use your iPhone by sequentially highlighting items on the screen that can be activated through an adaptive accessory.

    With the feature activated, specific movements can be used to correspond with actions. For example, the setting can be programmed to allow a left head movement to activate a tap, while a right head movement can be programmed to perform to another function. 9to5Mac went hands-on with the feature:

    We’ve tested this ourselves and found it to be quite accurate, but it’s quite tedious to control your device this way since it cycles through all of the options on the screen and you move your head when it is bordering around the option you want.

    You can also make the left or right head movement act as a home button, start Siri, open Notification Center, open the App Switcher, decrease volume, increase volume, or simply tap.

    It is important to note that Switch Control head movements are a beta function and should be used with caution, as the setting disables touch input.

    Apple has always had a heavy focus on accessibility, and over the years has worked to provide accessibility options for vision, hearing, motor skills, and learning, turning the iPad and the iPhone into fully featured assistive devices. iOS 7 promises to bring even more accessibility options, further increasing the utility of Apple’s devices.


  • Cracking crime with Twitter in Spain
    How Spanish police go online to fight crime with Twitter
  • Ron Wyden Speaks Out On NSA Collecting Phone Records
    WASHINGTON — A senator who has been instrumental in the fight for open government warned Wednesday that the government’s practice of "vacuuming up the phone…
  • Art ‘sold more online than in galleries’
    How online sales are disrupting the art world
  • XPRIZE: The Future Of Gaming – It May Be All In Your Head
    By Aaron Frank Contributing Writer, Singularity University. Gaming as a hobby evokes images of lethargic teenagers huddled over their controllers, submerged in their couch…
  • After Stanley Cup Loss, Boston Fans Turned To Porn
    Sports fans tend to be pretty passionate folks, especially when their team is in a make-or-break game with the Stanley Cup on the line. So…
  • Apple Co-Founder: NSA Whistleblower Is A ‘Hero’
    Steve Wozniak called whistleblower Edward Snowden a "hero," lauding the former National Security Agency contractor for exposing the government’s classified Internet surveillance program. “[Snowden’s] a…
  • Glenn Greenwald: I’m Being Smeared Because Of NSA Reporting
    Distractions about my past and personal life have emerged – an inevitable side effect for those who challenge the US government…
  • Pandora Responds To Pink Floyd
    Pandora has a message for Pink Floyd: We respect your music, but you’re wrong. The Internet radio giant responded Wednesday to Pink Floyd’s scathing editorial…
  • This Robot Art Will Blow Your Mind
    Harvey Moon, a new media artist, has found a solution to the complaint: "I’m just not good at drawing." Moon has designed, built and programmed…
  • ’50s House Hunters Dealt With Surprising Advertisements
    Let’s just say that looking for a home could be a blast.
  • Man Implants Invisible Headphone In His Ear
    Rich Lee, who might be the first person to have ever implanted an earbud in his ear, explained the process this week in a post…
  • Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Delayed Until ‘Later In The Summer’ [iOS Blog]
    Pvz2EA has announced that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be delayed until “later in the summer”. The game was planned for a release on July 18th.

    From the @PlantsvsZombies Twitter account:

    Plants vs. Zombies 2, originally slated for a July 18th release, will now be released later in the summer. Stay tuned for more details.

    The account later said the release was delayed because EA wanted to “make sure the game lives up to fans’ expectations.”

    The game, officially titled Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time, features the same lane defense gameplay that made the original a hit, but it includes time travel to all new locations.

    The original Plants vs. Zombies game for both the iPhone and the iPad can be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99.

    Plants vs. Zombies [Direct Link]
    Plants vs. Zombies HD [Direct Link]


  • Apple Seeds Build 12F13 of OS X Beta 10.8.5 to Developers [Mac Blog]
    As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple has seeded build 12F13 of OS X beta 10.8.5 to developers, one week after releasing the first beta of 10.8.5.

    The update comes with no known issues and can be downloaded via Apple’s Developer Page or through the software update tool in the Mac App Store.


    Our favorite meme-obsessed artist, Lauren Kaelin, posted an amazing take on the "Stand with Wendy" phenomenon today on Tumblr. In honor of Wendy Davis, the…
  • Snowden In 2009: Leakers Should Be ‘Shot In The Balls’
    NSA leaker Edward Snowden despised classified leaks in 2009, illustrating that the former Booz Allen Hamilton employee was not always the champion of transparency that…
  • Conflict Between Moms And Social Media Starts Up On Instagram
    The conflict between nursing mothers and social media platforms has moved to a new arena: Instagram. As The Daily Dot first reported, Jessica Martin-Weber, who…

Mobile Technology News, June 26, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Dropbox for iOS Updated with Swipe Gesture Support and Multi-Photo Sharing [iOS Blog]
    630330_largerDropbox today updated its universal iOS app with the ability to use swipe gestures to perform tasks more quickly, as well as the ability to share multiple photos at a time.

    What’s New in Version 2.3

    – Easily share a link to a folder
    – Swipe on any file to quickly share, move, delete, or favorite
    – Select and share multiple photos with your family, friends, and other humans
    – Bug fixes and other magical performance improvements to keep you happy

    Previously, Dropbox iOS users had to enter an “edit” mode to manage their files, but they now have a way to perform those functions in fewer steps with a feature that resembles a mechanism used in the popular Mailbox app, which is owned by Dropbox.

    The update marks another effort by Dropbox to streamline sharing for users. Earlier this month, the company made sharing photos on its Mac client easier and in March updated the Mac app to simplify file sharing in general.

    Dropbox for iOS is a universal app and is available free in the App Store. [Direct Link]


  • Apple Launches Online Store in Russia with Full Product Lineup
    Apple today launched its online store in Russia, bringing direct ordering of its full lineup of products to the world’s ninth most populous nation. The launch is being promoted with a large banner on the main Apple page for Russian visitors.

    Apple was reported last August to be preparing to begin direct sales in Russia, with the possibility of brick and mortar retail stores following in the future. Apple was reportedly unhappy with its distribution network in the country, particularly with regard to the iPhone, and those distribution issues appear to have spurred Apple to launch its own direct sales there.

    Evidence of Apple hiring team members for the Russian online store appeared earlier this year, with those positions based in Cork, Ireland. The company does, however, have a presence in Moscow where it handles iTunes Store, marketing, business sales, carrier relations, and other functions.


  • Microsoft to Bring Age of Empires to iOS

    Microsoft is in the process of working with a Japanese development company to bring several PC and console game titles, most notably Age of Empires, to iOS.  The revelation comes in an article from Reuters which states that Microsoft wants to get in on the mobile gaming action which is booming (How […]

    The post Microsoft to Bring Age of Empires to iOS appeared first on AlliOSNews.

  • iPhone loses market share in Europe as Android surges
    Apple’s iPhone is not faring well in two large markets: Western Europe and India.
  • Leak confirms WebGL, SPDY for IE11
    On the eve of Microsoft Build 2013, leaked details on Windows 8.1’s Internet Explorer 11 confirm that the browser will support next-gen Web technology, including Google’s SPDY protocol.
  • Uber Founder Defiant In The Face Of Cease-And-Desist Letter
    Despite a strongly worded cease-and-desist letter from the City of Los Angeles, Travis Kalanick, founder of the ride-sharing app Uber, said he has no plans…
  • OUCH! $17 For 1 Million Plays On Pandora
    Now that’s low. Cracker’s 1993 hit "Low" had over 1.1 million plays on Pandora in the final three months of 2012, but David Lowery –…
  • Harvard And MIT Pre-Frosh Appear To Be In An Online War
    The incoming freshman classes of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two world-class institutions in the same Boston-suburb, appear to be duking it…
  • VIDEO: The pub where people play video games
    BBC News visits the Meltdown pub in central London where you can play video games, and watch international video game competitions live.
  • Honk If You Hate Ride-Sharing Apps
    LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles cabbies staged a noisy protest Tuesday over the smartphone-driven ride-sharing services that are cutting into their business. About 200 taxis…
  • Michel Floyd: Bitcoin: huge hype belies low awareness
    Last week I had the good fortune to attend an event put on by VLAB at Stanford called Virtual Currencies: Gold Rush or Fools’…
  • And The Smartest City In America Is…
    We know which cities are the greenest, the most romantic, the most expensive and the rudest. But what about the smartest? Brain-training program Lumosity (the…
  • NSA Deletes Surveillance ‘Fact’ Sheet
    WASHINGTON — A day after coming under fire from congressional critics, the National Security Agency is trying to flush a controversial surveillance "fact sheet" down…
  • The Return Of ‘Catfish’
    LOS ANGELES — Max Joseph, co-host of MTV’s "Catfish: The TV Show," says he has Manti Te’o to thank for catapulting his series into the…
  • WATCH: How A Drawing On A Napkin Became A Hugely Successful App
    David Lieb had the idea for Bump while daydreaming. He wrote the initial concept on a napkin, having no clue how it would change his…
  • New APIs in iOS 7 Allow Developers to Detect Blinking and Smiling in Photos
    In addition to a complete redesign and a slew of new features, Apple’s iOS 7 offers a number of APIs for developers, including several camera improvements like zoom capabilities for video.

    According to 9to5Mac, iOS 7 beta 2, which debuted yesterday, added a new function that allows developers to access image detectors to locate facial expressions within photos.

    While face recognition was originally introduced with iOS 5, the new APIs can detect distinct expressions like smiles and blinking, functionality that is found in several basic point-and-shoot cameras.

    Since the iPhone’s debut, Apple has worked hard to improve both the camera hardware and software of its devices, so it is no surprise that iOS 7 will offer multiple camera enhancements for developers. Each iteration of iOS has included new features, such as the volume shutter controls that debuted with iOS 5 and the panorama capabilities added with iOS 6.

    Apple’s camera expansion efforts have largely paid off, with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 ranked as the three most popular cameras on photo sharing site Flickr. The iPhone’s camera was also the highlight of a recent Apple advertising campaign.

    Along with software improvements in iOS 7, Apple’s next generation iPhone is also expected to feature several photo-focused enhancements. The iPhone 5S is rumored to have a higher megapixel camera and a dual LED flash that was revealed in device photos earlier this week.


  • Fueled: How New iPhones Are Like New Girlfriends
    Since the release of the first generation in 2007, the iPhone has been stealing the hearts and consuming the time of men and women alike across the globe.
  • Google’s Chromebook photo app tries to pick your best pics
    The software imports, sorts, syncs, and packages up photos imported onto Google’s high-end Chrome OS laptop. It’s a very Googley way of handling photos.
  • Routehappy’s In-Flight Wi-Fi Report
    Did you know that nearly four out of every 10 flights in the United States have in-flight Wi-Fi? Or that Delta offers the highest number…

Mobile Technology News, June 25, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Intel’s TV ‘Black Box Project’ poised for big changes in debut
    The company is testing its take on the TV set-top box with more than 2,000 employees, but the final version launching later this year will be very different from the trial product, CNET has learned.
  • Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2

    Coming just a few hours after the release of iOS 7 Beta 2, Apple has released OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 to their developer community.  The update to to version 10.9 is open only to developers in the Mac Development program with Apple.
    The update is available to developers through the App […]

    The post Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 appeared first on AlliOSNews.

  • Apple Release iOS 7 Beta 2 to Developers – iPad Now Supported

    Apple has released iOS 7 Beta 2 to developers today, bringing with it support for the iPad and iPad Mini.  The new beta comes two weeks after the initial release at WWDC and is mainly focused on bringing fixes and improvements to the latest iOS from Cupertino.
    With Beta 1, the iPhone and iPod Touch […]

    The post Apple Release iOS 7 Beta 2 to Developers – iPad Now Supported appeared first on AlliOSNews.

  • South Korean Government Websites Shut Down
    SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea has issued a cyberattack alert after government websites shut down on the anniversary of the start of the Korean…
  • iOS 7’s Siri Can Learn How to Pronounce Names [iOS Blog]
    Shortly before today’s iOS 7 Beta 2 was released, one of 9to5Mac’s readers found that iOS 7’s Siri has the ability to correct pronunciations for names.

    siripronunciationImage via 9to5Mac

    Previously, getting Siri to properly pronounce names required a user to edit the “phonetic name” for a contact and manually adjust the spelling until Siri pronounced the name the correct way. Now, as 9to5Mac notes, a user can simply say “pronounce [insert name here]” to put Siri through a simpler name pronunciation learning process.

    Within that process, Siri will ask the user to pronounce the name and then present a couple of pronunciations based on how it heard the user. The user is then prompted to select a pronunciation, which Siri will from then on attempt to use when saying the name in question.

    While the feature was in iOS 7 Beta 1, it’s unknown at this point whether there have been improvements in the recently released Beta 2.


  • iOS 7 Disables Screenshot Interruptions, Allows Users to Secretly Take Snapchat Screenshots
    While we detailed a number of new features of iOS 7 beta 2 earlier today, a MacRumors reader sent us a tip on a small change that has gone unnoticed since the first beta was released on June 10.

    In iOS 7, screenshot behavior has been altered, and as the release notes state, “Active touches are no longer canceled when the user takes a screenshot.” This minor change has a number of implications for several apps that rely on screenshots to notify users of unwanted behavior, such as Snapchat and Facebook Poke.

    When a user opens a Snapchat photo in the app, a finger is required on the screen to hold the photo open while viewing the picture. The act of taking a screenshot interrupts the picture viewing and closes the photo, which is the method that Snapchat uses to detect an “illegal” screenshot, thereby notifying the sender of the photo that a snapshot has been saved.

    In iOS 7, taking a screenshot no longer closes the photo viewing window in SnapChat, which means no notification is sent when a screenshot is captured. As screenshots no longer interrupt on-screen touches, the photo stays open and the app is unable to recognize the screenshot action. iOS 7 users will be notified if an iOS 6 user takes a screenshot of a sent photo, but the reverse is not true.

    Snapchat’s screenshot detection, which is designed to be a safety measure to keep photos private, has had issues in the past. Earlier this year, several screenshot workarounds surfaced, allowing users to save photos without sending notifications, and with iOS 7, a workaround isn’t required as the app’s core functionality is disabled.

    While the change has immediate implications for Snapchat users interacting with other users running iOS 7, it will ultimately require Snapchat and similar apps to come up with a new method for detecting screenshots or to abandon the feature entirely when the final version of iOS 7 is released.

    (Thanks, Matt!)


  • Talking cars accelerate to launch
    Germany speeds to bring super-safe talking vehicles to its roads by 2015
  • Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 2 [Mac Blog]
    After releasing the second beta of iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch developers, Apple has also seeded the second Developer Preview of OS X Mavericks to developers.

    The second iteration of the OS X Mavericks beta carries a build number of 13A497d, while the original version released on June 10 was build 13A476u.

    Mavericks includes features like a tabbed Finder, new full screen dual monitor capabilities, and Safari improvements. Developers can receive the update via the Software Update tool in the Mac App Store.


  • Apple Looking into MacBook Air Wi-Fi Complaints, Issuing Replacements
    macbookair13cropFollowing complaints from a number of new Macbook Air owners concerned about Wi-Fi performance issues, 9to5Mac reports that Apple is investigating the problem.

    In the United States, Apple Geniuses and Advisors should capture MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2013) and MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) computers with any Wi-Fi issues.

    Users suggest that while the Wi-Fi on affected machines will connect, the connection will time out after a minute or two requiring a restart. Apple is reportedly offering some customers new machines in order to get ahold of problematic units that will be sent back to Apple for further investigation on the source of the potential issue.

    The June 2013 MacBook Airs use the newest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, which is designed to offer faster connectivity and bandwidth. Earlier today, new reports suggested that a separate Wi-Fi software problem might be causing MacBook Air users to experience slower-than-expected speeds on their machines.

    It is unknown if the two issues are related, but both may be solved through simple software updates once Apple isolates the problem.


  • Walmart Protesters Take On Unlikely Target
    Walmart workers took on an unlikely target in Silicon Valley Monday, protesting at the headquarters of the tech giant Yahoo. Protesters say they were trying…
  • Tabletop accelerator shoots cheap antimatter bullets
    A device just a few square metres in size can churn out bursts of energetic positrons that rival ones made by huge accelerators


  • Leap Motion Reaches Final Beta Stages, Plans to Launch Airspace App Store [Mac Blog]
    After a delay that saw the Leap Motion release pushed from May to July, the company is now working on the final preparations for its touch-free motion tracking device that allows users to control computers via hand gestures.

    As of this week, the Leap Motion beta will be expanded, giving more than 10,000 developers access to a new developer portal (via CNET) and a new app discovery platform, known as Airspace. When Leap Motion launches, the company plans to have approximately 100 apps from different companies in its app store, though some of those will be for Windows while some will be for Mac.

    Developers who are part of the beta, or those who access the developer portal, will see that the company is offering two APIs that it had not previously disclosed publicly, one that tracks users’ palms, even when they turn their hands over, and another designed to track users when they grip with their hands.

    The APIs available for developers include support for both Windows 8 and Mac OS X and allow access basic tools like scrolling, zooming, and pointing and clicking. There’s also an advanced set of controls that provide access to more complex operations.

    Last week, Leap Motion paired up with Highland Capital Partners to launch the Leap Fund, a $25 million investment that is designed to fund future development on the platform.

    Leap Motion is expected to be released on July 22.


  • Facebook’s Plan To Suck Up Even More Of Your Time
    Facebook is getting friendlier with the news. The world’s largest social network is developing a mobile product codenamed “Reader” that will highlight and showcase news…
  • The Best Apps For Finding The Concerts You Love
    By Natasha Baker (Reuters) – Music lovers looking for a nearby concert can turn to apps that detect a person’s location and list nearby live…
  • Microsoft, Oracle join forces to stomp on cloud rivals
    “Frenemies” Microsoft and Oracle just cemented a new partnership. Here’s what is really new and worth knowing about the alliance.
  • iOS and Android to get Xbox and Microsoft PC games?
    Word on the street is that iPhones and Android devices may soon get a host of Xbox games — starting with Age of Empires.
  • Senators Blast NSA’s ‘Significant’ Inaccuracy
    WASHINGTON — Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.) called on the director of the National Security Agency to correct what they called a…
  • Software Slowing Some Wi-Fi File Transfers on New MacBook Air [Mac Blog]
    AirportextremeNetworking code in OS X Mountain Lion is slowing down file transfers over the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) and Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB), according to examinations done by both Ars Technica and AnandTech.

    The issue affects the new MacBook Air models that come equipped with the 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. The new MacBook Air and Apple’s new AirPort Extreme base station are the first Apple products to use the new Wi-Fi technology.

    Anandtech discovered that the TCP window size for file transfers in OS X was too small to reach the potential throughput on many file transfers, slowing data transfers from a potential 533Mbps down to 170Mbps.

    The bad news is that in its shipping configuration, the new MacBook Air is capable of some amazing transfer rates over 802.11ac but you won’t see them when copying files between Macs or PCs. The good news is the issue seems entirely confined to software. I’ve already passed along my findings to Apple. If I had to guess, I would expect that we’ll see a software update addressing this.

    Ars Technica confirmed AnandTech‘s findings, and went a bit further. The site discovered that when running Windows 8 in Boot Camp, the new MacBook Air saw file transfer speeds significantly higher than under a comparable setup in OS X Mountain Lion.

    Some variation between the two operating systems is to be expected. They’re very different under the hood, after all, and Microsoft’s strong commitment to the enterprise (and the file servers therein) makes it unsurprising that Windows’ file transfer speeds are generally a bit faster than OS X’s. However, the discrepancy between the Windows 802.11ac speeds and OS X speeds is too large to be explained away by networking optimizations alone. Windows is, at best, about nine percent faster over Gigabit Ethernet and 30 percent faster over 802.11n, but it’s 218 percent faster over 802.11ac.

    Ars’ OS X wireless setup saw transfer speeds of 21.71MB/s on SMB, and 47.26MB/s on a comparable Windows 8 setup under Boot Camp.

    The issues also exist under the developer beta of OS X Mavericks, but both sites expect Apple to release a software fix for OS X that will solve the file transfer issues.


  • Was Hastings’ Car Hacked?
    The peculiar circumstances of journalist Michael Hastings’ death in Los Angeles last week have unleashed a wave of conspiracy theories. Now there’s another theory to…

Mobile Technology News, June 24, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

Mobile Technology News, June 23, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

Mobile Technology News, June 22, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Walmart to Discount iPhone 5 By $60 Beginning Saturday [iOS Blog]
    iphone5On Saturday, Walmart will begin offering the iPhone 5 at a $60 discount (from $189 to $129) and the iPhone 4S at a $50 discount (from $89 to $39), reports Mashable. The prices are permanent, available only in-store and require signing a new 2-year contract with Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T.

    We asked Walmart if the new pricing is temporary and were told that no, this is in fact the permanent price of the items. The new price is only available in Walmart stores and is not available online.

    The price drop is also notable because Apple has historically limited the degree to which retailers can drop prices on its products. Although some retailers such as Walmart routinely discount items by $10, cutting the price by more than 30% (in the case of the iPhone 5) and nearly 70% (in the case of the iPhone 4S) is unprecedented.

    While it is not unusual to see seasonal sales at Walmart, it is odd to see a drastic, permanent price cuts on one of Apple’s devices. iPhone pricing, however, has grown increasingly competitive in recent months, which has led to significant price drops at multiple retailers. Best Buy, for example, dropped the iPhone 5 price by $50 in May and recently reintroduced a successful trade-in program to allow iPhone 4/4S users to upgrade to the iPhone 5 at no cost.

    It is likely that stores are also aiming to get rid of existing inventory before the introduction of the iPhone 5S, which is expected to be announced in the fall. In recent weeks, news of Apple’s upcoming refreshed iPhone has been picking up, and this morning, photos of the device itself surfaced. The iPhone 5S is expected to come equipped with an improved camera, a dual LED rear flash, and a fingerprint sensor.

    Walmart’s discounted iPhone pricing is set to begin this Saturday, on June 22 and will last indefinitely.


  • 20,000 Kids Placed With Adoptive Families Through National Website
    WASHINGTON — Federal officials say 20,000 foster children have been adopted after being listed on a national website that links adoptive families with kids. The…
  • Beverly Macy: Here’s How Twitter and Vine Are the New Telegram 3.0
    The last telegram is not the end, but simply another beginning.
  • VIDEO: ‘Speak into pinkie, listen by thumb’
    Designer tests Bluetooth-enabled glove phones
  • Facebook Bug Exposed Private Info From 6 Million Accounts
    On Friday, Facebook admitted that a bug made the private contact information — either email addresses or phone numbers — of 6 million users accidentally…
  • Food Network Facebook Page Inundated With Angry Paula Deen Fans
    Food Network’s Facebook page has become inundated with angry Paula Deen fans upset that she has been dropped from the network. The most recent post…
  • Fueled: The Top 10 Apps for Writers
    With the advent of iPads, tablets, smartphones, and other devices that support word processing capabilities and so much more, the possibilities and places to express and enhance one’s writing skills are exploding.
  • Apple Board Modifies Tim Cook CEO Bonus Stock Award to Be More Performance Based
    Apple’s Board of Directors has elected to modify the award of restricted stock that Tim Cook received after being promoted to CEO in August 2011. The modification, made at Cook’s request, changes the award of 1,000,000 restricted stock units — originally supposed to be awarded in two lump sums over 10 years — to a more performance-based compensation system.

    A restricted stock unit, or RSU, is a form of compensation valued in terms of company stock, but the stock is not issued at the time of the grant. Instead, the recipient gets shares of stock at a later date, generally only if they are still employed by the company.

    According to a filing with the SEC today, the Compensation Committee of the Apple Board of Directors approved the amendment of the award from August 2011, though the amendment does not change the fair value of the grant as of the day it was rewarded.

    The Committee intends for future stock awards to Apple executives officers to be performance-based and Cook will lead by example. However, though normal performance-based compensation normally has both an upside and downside, at his request, Cook’s award will solely have a downside component.

    Under the adopted modification, Mr. Cook will forfeit a portion of the 2011 CEO equity award, which was previously entirely time-based, if the Company does not achieve certain performance criteria. While the Committee generally believes that a performance-based award should have both a downside and an upside component, at Mr. Cook’s request, the modification does not contain an upside opportunity for overachievement of these criteria. As a result of implementing a modification with only downside risk, the Committee has determined that a portion of the original grant should vest earlier than originally scheduled. This modification will not change the award’s original value for accounting expense purposes.

    The original award would have given Cook 500,000 shares of Apple stock in August 2016, with another 500,000 in August 2021.

    The new, amended package will give Cook 100,000 RSU’s in August 2016, another 100,000 RSU’s in August 2021, and the remaining 800,000 RSU’s in ten equal allotments over the ten-year life of the initial award.

    In order to receive the 80,000 share annual award, Apple’s ‘total shareholder return‘ will be compared to companies in the S&P 500. If Apple’s performance is within the top third of that group, the award for that year will vest in full. If its performance is in the middle third, the award will be reduced by 25%, and the bottom third, the the award will be reduced by 50%.

    As a result of the changes Cook will receive at least 672,877 shares of Apple stock by the end of the award in 2021, with the possibility of 1,000,000 shares total if Apple continues to outperform its peers. The Form 8-K filing that Apple filed with the SEC today contains additional information about the modifications to Cook’s award.


  • Google Maps Is For The Birds
    You are a Google Street View employee who is paid to wear one of these on your back and walk around Japan. Your life is…
  • Rev. Jim Ball: Google Funding Climate Deniers? What the Heck?
    The Washington Post’s Juliet Eilperin reports something I never would have thought in a million years. Google is supporting one of the worst climate-denier organizations in the world
  • PHOTO: Is That A Space Penguin?!
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Space Penguin! Alright, it’s not exactly "Star Wars." But this image, captured by the Hubble…
  • Sharat Sharan: Local, Mobile, Social: The Key To A Productive Workforce
    We’ve seen this before. In a recession, there are fewer opportunities to change jobs, and the perceived security of a job that someone has held for a while – however awful – can lead them to stay put. Once the economy shows signs of recovery, however, a mass exodus in favor of new opportunities takes place.
  • Spanking For Jesus? Fringe Christian Group’s Controversial Tactics
    When a follower of the Christian Domestic Discipline movement decides what to hit his God-fearing wife with, research is important. A hairbrush, for example, is…
  • Former Background Investigator Pleads Guilty To Making False Statement
    WASHINGTON — A former investigator who worked for the firm that conducted a background check on ex-National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden has pleaded guilty…
  • WATCH: Apple Co-Founder Describes Meeting Kim Kardashian’s Baby
    Kanye West may be one step closer to actualizing that Steve Jobs dream after all: The rapper met Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in honor of…
  • John Tippett: Cheating Husbands And The Effective Use Of Technology In Mobile Development
    This is the great promise of mobile services, especially for the poor who are not easily reached through other methods. Identify the problem, take advantage of the ubiquity of mobile networks and mobile phones, and install some software. Lives are transformed.
  • Online Banana Republic Order Goes Terribly Wrong
    Emily Dreyfuss and her fiancé were stunned when they opened their package from Banana Republic. Instead of the tie and pocket square they’d ordered, the…
  • Anatomy Heart Lecture app for Android explains the anatomy of the Heart
    Anatomy Heart Lecture contains anatomy audio lessons with visual cues that might come handy to medical students.
  • An App For What?
    Can an app help you get pregnant? Max Levchin thinks so. The PayPal co-founder is now working on a fertility app called Glow, and demonstrated…

Mobile Technology News, June 21, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • VIDEO: Life through a smartphone lens
    BBC Newsnight examines the growing trend of filming life’s experiences on mobile phones and tablets, instead of enjoying and engaging in the moment.
  • Shocker: A new Apple product seems to have Wi-Fi issues
    The new MacBook Air has Wi-Fi issues — so say owners in Apple’s support community. This wouldn’t be the first time that a new Apple product had Wi-Fi hiccups.
  • Apple’s iPhone 5S Revealed in New Photos
    MacRumors has received several images that appear to show both the interior and rear shell of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S. The device appears to carry the same redesigned logic board that appeared earlier this week, suggesting that this is indeed a new iPhone.

    Among the interesting observations from the images:

    – Based on the observable features, the logic board appears to be an exact match to the one that appeared in photos earlier this week, with a slightly narrower profile and a new layout for connectors and other components.

    – The main chip on the logic board is interestingly not labeled with an A-series name such as on the A6 seen in the iPhone 5. It is unclear whether the chip name has been removed somehow or if it was never printed in the first place.

    – A date code visible on the bottom of the main chip reads “1243”, signifying that the chip was manufactured in the 43rd week of 2012, corresponding to late October. This would seem to be much earlier than would be expected for a new handset, so it is unclear whether this is a very early prototype that could still be running the same A6 chip found in the iPhone 5 or if it is in fact a different chip.

    – The battery carries a more recent Apple Part Number of 616-0652 compared to the iPhone 5 battery, which has carried several different part numbers including 616-0611 and 616-0613. The new battery also has a higher capacity of 5.92 Whr, compared to the 5.45 Whr capacity of the iPhone 5’s battery. The battery also has several blank boxes printed on it where various regulatory logos would be, suggesting that this is a prototype battery yet to receive final certifications.

    – The rear shell photo shows a vertical pill-shaped window for the LED flash as opposed to a round window, supporting rumors of a dual LED flash for the iPhone 5S. A similar pill-shaped flash window was depicted on a case maker’s design drawings that also leaked earlier this week.

    – Regulatory identifiers shown on the back of the device such as the FCC ID appear to be placeholders, in several cases reading X1234X.

    Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S later this year alongside a lower-cost iPhone with a plastic shell that will be available in an array of color options. Rumors have suggested that Apple is likely to release the new iPhones around the September timeframe.


  • Years of parking fines found illegal
    Parking tickets were illegally issued by a dozen cameras over at least two years by a London council, but fined drivers will not get a refund.
  • Android duels with Windows 8 on Samsung hybrid
    Samsung is making a bold statement with its Windows-Android laptop-tablet: Windows 8 alone doesn’t cut it on highly mobile devices.
  • Is Samsung’s phone strategy smart?
    Is the tide turning against the smartphone giant?
  • VIDEO: Would you share your food online?
    BBC News looks at two e-businesses in France and England, who want to encourage you to share your food online.
  • Egypt’s revolution inspires tech start-ups
    Egypt’s tech start-ups use the power of the crowd
  • Aircraft displays benefits without leaving airfield
    Powering taxiing planes with electricity to save fuel
  • Why Gamers Haven’t Really Won The War With Xbox One
    Many gamers were overjoyed on Wednesday when Microsoft announced it would remove the most controversial restrictions for the Xbox One after much backlash. No longer…
  • Logitech backpedals on plan to sell Harmony remotes division
    About-face comes with the announcement of a device that consolidates up to eight remote controls and turns iOS and Android smartphones into universal remotes.
  • Apple’s Closing Arguments Concludes E-Book Price Fixing Trial
    After slightly more than two weeks of litigation, USA v. Apple, Inc. concluded with closing arguments from Apple and the Department of Justice.

    AllThingsD reports that Orin Snyder, Apple’s lead counsel, closed out the trial with a slick Keynote presentation, as the company’s lawyers have been doing throughout the trial.

    At one point, the PowerPoint presentation the Government’s lawyers were using failed to play audio, with the Judge noting that they weren’t using a Mac.

    “Apple did not conspire with a single publisher to fix prices in the e-book industry,” Snyder said, arguing that the negotiations under scrutiny in this case were nothing more than “standard, lawful business activity.” And the DOJ’s claim that they were more than that, a nefarious plot over which Apple served as ringmaster, is entirely unsupported. “All of the government’s evidence is ambiguous at best,” Snyder argued, lambasting the DOJ’s case as one built on “word games and inferences.”

    Snyder’s final slide shows an iPad with the text “It’s time to close the book on this case”.

    The Department of Justice has argued that Apple was the “ringmaster” of a scheme to raise e-book pricing across the industry. The government says Apple convinced publishing companies to work together to set pricing above the $9.99 price point that Amazon was selling books at before the iPad came out. The DOJ’s slide deck is available from AllThingsD as well.

    U.S. District Judge Denise Cote is expected to have a final judgement within a few weeks. Both sides agreed to have a judge hear and decide on the case rather than present it to a jury.


  • Habemus Twitter! Pope’s Latin Tweets Are Huge Hit
    Pope Francis has twitter accounts in languages that are spoken around the world – except for one. Pontifex_In is the Pope’s Latin twitter feed -…
  • NSA Data Gathering Practices Revealed
    WASHINGTON — A government watchdog testified Thursday there may have been problems with a security clearance background check conducted on the 29-year-old federal contractor who…
  • Rabbi David Wolpe: Living by Clicks
    I shudder to think what would become of preaching if there was an instant approval or disapproval button in the hand of everyone in the congregation. Yet that is what we give to the world when we tweet.
  • Pilot Lands Plane With Unlikely Help After Electronics Fail
    Moments after Raymond Cody took flight Tuesday morning, the instrument panel in his cockpit malfunctioned and his navigation system gave out. The pilot, who was…
  • Microsoft reportedly tried to build an Amazon-killer
    But it pulled the plug on the e-commerce marketplace venture, code-named Project Brazil, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • Bianca Bosker: Instagram Video Takes Selfies To New Extremes
    In a blog post published Thursday, Instagram introduced the app’s new video-sharing feature by showcasing four short cinematic clips people had shared with its service….
  • Fueled: Zombies, Run! Turns Your Daily Run Into a Race for Survival
    Listening to your favorite tunes is great but a run really changes when the fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Being the heroine or hero of a storyline will definitely keep you running on a regular basis.
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