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Mobile Technology News, April 25, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Voice-based web access helps illiterate get online
    A new internet system is giving a voice to people in Africa who cannot read or write or who lack a computer


  • Windows 8 tablets hit 3 million shipped in first quarter
    Microsoft and PC makers shipped a little more than 3 million tablets in the first quarter, according to preliminary results from Strategy Analytics.
  • Gina Ryder: HuffPost Community Comes Together Over Boston
    Outrage. Pain. Speculation. These were the sentiments shared by many online communities last week during the bombings at the Boston Marathon and subsequent manhunt. But…
  • What the next Xbox needs, in six simple achievements
    Microsoft’s newest Xbox will be unveiled next month, and the next generation of gaming’s on the horizon. Here’s what we sincerely hope to see.
  • Thumb-type keyboard takes on Qwerty
    Researchers create a new keyboard which they claim lets people “thumb-type” faster on touchscreen devices such as tablets and large smartphones.
  • Apple Submits Revised Campus 2 Plans, Delays Tantau Development to Cut Costs
    Earlier this month, a report revealed that Apple’s upcoming “spaceship” campus in Cupertino is both behind schedule and $2 billion over budget. Apple was said to be looking to cut costs on the project, which is apparent in the revised campus plans that it submitted to the city today.

    Apple originally planned on constructing a 600,000 square foot area of buildings (known as the Tantau Development) in two phases. Phase 1 was to take place alongside the construction of the main Apple campus, while Phase 2 would be delayed until later.

    In order to trim 300,000 square feet of construction costs from its budget, Apple has pushed the entire Tantau Development to Phase 2, which means it will be completed after the main campus is built.

    Phase 2 includes 600,000 square feet of office, research and development buildings for up to 2,200 employees along North Tantau Avenue, providing flexibility to address future business needs. Construction of Phase 2 will follow completion of Phase 1. The Tantau sites will have small satellite plants.

    Apple’s revised campus plan includes the addition of an expanded section detailing bicycle access improvements, which comes with an included visualization of what bike pathways and sidewalks might look like on the campus.

    Also notable in the plan is a minor increase to parking availability and updates to public improvements, as well as a new section on Public Art that details four locations where the company plans to install art near the campus.

    Apple Campus 2’s budget rests near $5 billion, which is said to be because Steve Jobs insisted on design quality and expensive construction methods. The Campus, a circular 2,800,000 square foot 4-story building, is designed to hold 12,000 employees and has a prospective completion date of 2016.


  • Marie Woolf: Open Memo to Tim Cook: Versioned Out
    In 2013, if it doesn’t somehow make money for me, more or less immediately, having my head in "the cloud" takes on entirely new, and questionable, meaning.
  • Kyle Hillman: Your Employer Might Soon Be Able to See Your Private Messages in Illinois
    While you should always separate work from personal, for efficiency sake and to sometimes just be a better employee you use a personal email or a social media profile to quickly respond to a work inquiry.
  • Urban myths of staying safe online
    How hackers take advantage of the lies we tell ourselves
  • Tim Cook Coffee Meeting Charity Auction Hits $100,000
    Charity auction site CharityBuzz kicked off a charity auction for a cup of coffee with Tim Cook this morning and the listing, which has an estimated value of $50,000, went from $5,250 to $100,000 in a matter of hours.

    Here are our best guesses of the identities of the top contenders vying to win a coffee date with Cook:

    owclarryLarry O’Connor, the founder and CEO of Other World Computing, a company that provides computer upgrade products and services for Macs. “We would love the opportunity to sit down with Tim and maybe get some insights on where the future lies in his eyes,” he told MacRumors.

    rory.oneill3 (now charitybidder10) – Rory O’Neill, Vice President of Product & Channel Marketing at BlackBerry.

    PasswordBox.com – PasswordBox is a secure password management app which is currently restricted to VIP members only and is available on a wait list basis. Its CEO and co-founder is Daniel Robichaud.

    USocketUSBOutlet – U-Socket is an AC receptacle with two built-in USB ports, produced by FastMac, so this bidder is likely someone from the company.

    stephen.gill.777 – Stephen Gill, an online marketing executive and co-founder of Leadnomics.

    BGStucki – Brian Stucki, Owner of Macminicolo, a Mac Mini colocation service that stores users Mac minis in data centers for use as servers.

    At the moment, Other World Computing founder Larry O’Connor, who has been actively bidding throughout the day has the winning bid. Prolific bidder O’Neill previously had the username rory.oneill3, which has now been changed to charitybidder10.

    While we have confirmed that Stucki and O’Connor are the bidders behind their usernames, the remaining guesses are based on usernames that match up with known people in tech.

    The auction, which ends on May 14, will allow two attendees to spend 30–60 minutes with Cook at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino. Proceeds will benefit the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights.

    Update: We have received an email alleging that the Rory O’Neill bidding in the auction is not affiliated with BlackBerry.


  • Craig Kanalley: 10 Smart Things Said By Smart People
    Fast Company held a gathering of entrepreneurs, CEOs and those interested in business, media and technology at Terminal 5 in New York this week. Here are some brilliant insights that came out of "Innovation Uncensored."
  • Andrea Duchon: Platitudes: A Brand’s Responsibility in a Tragedy
    Showing support on your sleeve — while fairly trite since you’re only updating your status — makes sense to me. What doesn’t make sense to me are the brands that feel the need to insert themselves into the conversation surrounding a tragedy.
  • Google Releases New $1 Donation App
    Dollar menus are no longer just for fast food chains. Last week, Google released a new micro-donation Android app called One Today that allows users…
  • Ruth Schulder: Want To Get Attention? Do Something Attention Worthy
    Consumers these days are so inundated with shiny ads and gadgets that often the most effective way to communicate to them with impact is to go back to the basics: a barbecue and slip ‘n slide for rent in the heart of Manhattan.
  • Twitter Has To Figure Out Its Hack Problem..Or Else
    (Reuters) – Does Twitter have a credibility problem? For many, a single fake tweet from the Associated Press account that briefly roiled financial markets on…
  • WATCH: Baby Sea Turtles Inspire Amphibious Robot
    From Charles Q. Choi, TechNewsDaily Contributor: Flippered robots inspired by sea-turtle hatchlings could shed light on how the ancestors of terrestrial animals first evolved to…
  • VisualNews.com: From Pogs to Trolls, the Story of the IE Commercial That Racked Up 28 Million Views
    In less than three months, Internet Explorer’s nostalgia-heavy "Child of the 90s" video has been viewed a whopping 28 million times.
  • Homophobic ‘Death To Gays’ Hashtag Trending In France
    As lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocates across France celebrated the country’s decision to legalize gay marriage Tuesday, a homophobic backlash found an outlet…
  • Crafting The Ultimate, 25-Song 90’s Nostalgic Playlist
    Presented in partnership with BroBible.com. By Andy Moore This following article is the result of a text from a concerned friend, who, one month ago,…
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