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Mobile Technology News, April 9, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Remotely Snap Photos With Your Digital SLR with SetMyCam Pro

    Developer Bluestone Pond announced today the updated version of SetMyCamPro 1.1, an advanced application for remotely triggering cameras, and aiding in camera configurations for depth of field and minimum shutter speed. This innovative application is a tool for film cameras, compact digital cameras […]

    The post Remotely Snap Photos With Your Digital SLR with SetMyCam Pro appeared first on AlliOSNews.

  • I’m recording everything for the first living archive
    Sustainable architect William McDonough is recording every aspect of his working life for a comprehensive digital archive launched by Stanford University


  • WhatsApp Denies Report of Talks Regarding Acquisition by Google
    WhatsApp business development head Neeraj Arora has told AllThingsD that an earlier report claiming Google was on the verge of acquiring the company for $1 billion is not true. WhatsApp is the company behind the popular iOS app WhatsApp Messenger.

    Neeraj Arora, WhatsApp’s business development head, told AllThingsDigital today that the company is not holding sales talks with Google.

    Arora declined to comment further, but AllThingsD does note that WhatsApp has been the subject of sales rumors before, having been linked to Facebook in December. At the time, WhatsApp said that those reports were “not factually accurate.”

    WhatsApp Messenger has consistently been one of the top paid apps in the App Store in many countries around the world and is currently the #1 paid app in the U.S. store. It is one of the many messaging services, including Apple’s own iMessage, available on iOS and other platforms that smartphone users have turned to in order to avoid carriers’ SMS charges.

    Recently, WhatsApp announced that it will be moving to a subscription model for the iOS version of its app by the end of this year. The model would likely be similar to existing WhatsApp pricing for other platforms, which would make the app free for the first year and then $0.99 per year beyond the initial free period.


  • Apple Notebook Refresh Expected Late This Quarter, But Only Modest Shipment Growth for 2013
    Citing supply chain sources, Digitimes reports that Apple is expected to see only modest “single-digit” shipment growth for its notebook lineup in 2013, with the 13-inch MacBook Pro in particular seeing weaker-than-expected sales.

    Apple was confident about its 13-inch MacBook Pro performance for 2013, but the device’s actual sales turn out to be weaker than expected, leaving the company still digesting its inventories in the first quarter.

    The sources pointed out that Apple’s MacBook Pros have strong attraction to consumers, but the devices’ high prices are instead pushing consumers away.

    The report also claims that Apple will be refreshing its notebook lineup “at the end of the second quarter”, which could mean an introduction at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference expected in June.

    Digitimes had reported in late December that Apple was planning a June refresh for its notebook lineup, and similar timeframes have been claimed by reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Taiwanese newspaper Economic Times.

    Back in mid-February, Apple released a surprise minor update for the Retina MacBook Pro, including a significant price drop for the 13-inch models. Apple also dropped pricing on the high-end MacBook Air at the time, a move that had been at least in part predicted by Digitimes in its late December report.

    Apple is likely to use Intel’s forthcoming Haswell processors in its next-generation notebooks, and Intel will reportedly be releasing the first mobile Haswell chips in late May or early June.


  • Apple Online Store Now Offering Refurbished Current-Generation 27-Inch iMac Models
    Apple today began offering refurbished models of the current-generation 27-inch iMac for the first time, roughly four months after the models initially launched.

    The two stock configurations of the 27-inch iMac are currently available at 15% discounts compared to brand-new units, with the low-end refurbished model priced at $1529 vs. $1799 new and the high-end refurbished model priced at $1699 vs. $1999 new. Several higher-priced custom configurations are also currently available as refurbished units, with all refurbished models listed as shipping in 1-3 business days.

    The addition of refurbished 27-inch models comes nearly two months after Apple began offering refurbished 21.5-inch models, with supplies having remained tight for a number of months due to issues related to the thinner design of the new iMac. Apple is using a new lamination process for the display to achieve a thinner and more vivid screen, and that process reportedly was resulting in low yields, particularly for the larger 27-inch models.

    Availability of the new iMacs improved markedly in early March, with shipping estimates for new orders of all stock configurations improving to “within 24 hours” at that time.


  • Hospital Uses iPads to Connect Mothers With Newborn Babies [iOS Blog]
    babytime_ipadCedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has debuted (via TUAW) a new iPad program that allows mothers who are not able to visit with their newborn babies in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to connect with them via a video chat on multiple iPads, dubbed BabyTime.

    The program is available to mothers who undergo cesarean sections or other complications during pregnancy and will receive an iPad while the partner iPad will be set up next to the baby’s incubator in the NICU. Mothers will be able to virtually visit their babies on a secured Internet connection twice a day.

    “BabyTime will help bridge communication with the family and the baby’s medical team and is an excellent use of technology to help new mothers bond with their babies, even when they cannot be physically at their babies’ bedside,” said Charles F. Simmons Jr., MD, chair of the Cedars-Sinai Department of Pediatrics and Ruth and Harry Roman Chair in Neonatology. “When doctors and nurses are treating a newborn in the NICU, mom can be right there asking questions and getting updates, even if she’s on a different floor.”

    Simmons estimated that 20 to 30 percent of mothers who undergo c-sections do not feel well enough to travel to meet their babies in the NICU. The goal of the program is to reduce any stress or fear that mothers may have about their new babies, while allowing the mothers to communicate with doctors and nurses.


  • Venture capital funding for Q1 slowest since 2003
    Despite VC firms raising $4.1 billion during the first quarter of 2013, fewer firms are contributing and a new report suggests this may be a sign of decreased investment levels to come.
  • Advertisers create products from thin air
    The products on our screens that were never there
  • Is It Legal To Use Smartphone Maps While Driving?
    There’s a rumor that the best way to get out of a texting-while-driving ticket is to tell the police officer you were using your phone…
  • How Does The HTC One Stack Up?
    NEW YORK (AP) — Ready for the battle of the phones? This year’s crop of high-end smartphones is starting to emerge, like bear cubs crawling…
  • Nikolas Badminton: Why Vancouver’s Digital Strategy Falls Short
    The City has ignored how quickly digital moves in terms of technology, trends, opportunities for citizen empowerment and needs for infrastructure. For the digitally advanced, Vancouver will continue to be behind the times. For the average citizen, very little change will be seen or felt.
  • HBO Updates iOS App with AirPlay Multitasking and Game of Thrones Interactive Features [iOS Blog]
    HBO Go for iOS has been updated to version 2.1, most notably adding AirPlay multitasking support to allow video content from the HBO Go app to stream to the television while leaving the iPad or the iPhone free to operate other apps.

    The update also offers new interactive features for the channel’s popular Game of Thrones series, which just had its season three debut last week. HBO Go offers users behind-the scenes videos, cast and crew commentary, and detailed set photos.

    -Includes AirPlay multitasking capability – other apps can be used while video continues to stream via AirPlay.

    -Enhancements to the interactive features experience for Game of Thrones

    -General performance enhancements

    HBO Go is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]


  • Andy Plesser: CEO Video: Blip to Fund Web Video Content Creators
    CANNES — While far lower that the $100 million spent by YouTube last year on content channel creators, Blip is going to fund several shows…
  • CIA Doesn’t Report Data Mining
    NEW YORK — Despite the CIA chief technology officer’s stunning claim last month that "we fundamentally try to collect everything and hang on to it…
  • Vatican City’s XXX Secret
    Someone in Vatican City had better get to confession. Torrent Freak has unearthed the download history from an IP address in the Pope’s place of…
  • Goodbye lava lamps: You can now buy ferrofluid sculptures that dance to music
    Your swanky bachelor pad featuring the lava lamps and disco ball (kept hidden in a secret compartment in the ceiling) was once pretty happenin’. However, we’re now a third of the way into…
  • David Sable: ‘To Be, or Not to Be… ‘
    In a "big data" world where more and more tech leaders are calling for more and more human insight, I find this so-called "advance" to be way out of touch.
  • Instagram Criminal Or Activist?
    Jennifer Pawluck is either a symbol of the millennial generation oppressed by its government or a firebrand inciting violence against police officers, one Instagram…
  • WATCH: Best Mashup Ever?
    If there’s one thing French electronic duo Daft Punk shares with American dubstep phenom Skrillex, it’s the sense of dance music as arena-packing spectacle. While…
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