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Mobile Technology News, January 29, 2013

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • VIDEO: Digital artists inspired by the GIF’s resurgence
    A digitally ancient file format is finding new uses among artists who value the GIF’s limitations.
  • Streaming Shakes Up Music Industry’s Model for Royalties
    Companies like Spotify and Pandora are catching fire, but the money paid to artists is often tiny, perhaps half a penny per play, which has the music industry on edge.

  • Google in N Korea mapping push
    Google publishes mapping information on North Korea, a country that has so far been mostly blank on the popular website Google Maps.
  • Advertising: Playing Whac-a-Mole With Piracy Sites
    New attention is being given to an aspect of online commerce that critics say finances online piracy: advertising.

  • How I (almost) became a fraudster
    How hardware hacking (almost) made me a fraudster
  • How Facebook Taught Its Search Tool to Understand People
    Before Facebook introduced a search tool this month, it assembled a varied team to study what users were searching for and to teach computers how to communicate better with people.

  • Yahoo Earnings Handily Beat Forecasts
    Marissa Mayer’s first months as chief executive have impressed investors, and the company’s stock, recently at a four-year high, rose after hours.

  • Phone sensors spot security secrets
    The information captured by smartphone sensors could help criminals guess codes used to lock the gadgets, say security researchers.
  • First Photos of the iPad 5 Rear Shell
    Rumored 5th Generation iPad (left) vs iPad mini (right)
    9to5Mac has an unconfirmed image of what could be the rear panel for the next iPad. The image matches up very closely with a report from last week.

    While we cannot confirm that the above image is legitimate, it does provide a solid representation of what Apple’s next iPad will likely look like. We were told this is a prototype back piece for the fifth-generation iPad with a 9.7-inch display. We were also told that the casing is almost as thin as the iPad mini’s back (pictured to the right). As you can see at the top of the purported iPad 5 backplate, this casing would likely be for an LTE model – as the black antenna cut implies.

    The report lines up with iLounge‘s first description of the new iPad which is expected to arrive in October with smaller, iPad mini-esque bezels and chamfered edges and curves.

    What does it look like? Well, it’s a lot smaller than one would guess was possible: in portrait orientation, picture a 9.7” screen with virtually no left or right bezels, and only enough space above and below the screen to accommodate the mandatory camera and Home Button elements. Beyond that, it’s noticeably thinner, as well, which is to say the the fifth-generation iPad will be smaller in every dimension than its predecessors. As it will have the same chamfered edges and curves, calling it a “stretched iPad mini” is very close to entirely accurate.

    Leaks of parts for upcoming Apple products are becoming more and more common as the Asian supply chain grows larger.

  • Seyi Fabode: Why Smart Meters Will Never Gain Mass Use
    Utilities, smart meter manufacturing companies and the government all tout the need for implementation of smart meters and smart metering equipment. Unfortunately these initiatives are bound to fail for two reasons.
  • Top Lawmakers Demand Aaron Swartz Answers From Attorney General
    WASHINGTON — The top Republican and top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee sent a joint letter late Monday to Attorney General Eric Holder posing…
  • Kristin McCracken: Amplify the Message: Social Media at Your Festival Debut
    How can you make the most out of social media today? As you head to Sundance, Slamdance, or any festival this year, some tips on how to capitalize on the increased exposure it will bring — both to your film and to you as a filmmaker.
  • Jayson DeMers: Social Media Marketing Lessons From the Controversial and Failed Facebook IPO
    Facebook’s failed IPO started a storm of arguments against social media marketing and ROI capabilities. Social media does work — just not the way traditional media does.
  • Woman Trapped In Deadly Nightclub Blaze Posted Final Facebook Message Asking For Help
    A young woman trapped inside the deadly Brazilian nightclub blaze this weekend posted one final message to Facebook, pleading for help as the building burned….
  • Danny Rubin: Six Ways That Vine, Twitter’s New Tool, Should Change How You Think About Your Career
    Mark down January 24, 2013 as the day our attention span shrank once again — as if we hadn’t already hit rock bottom.
  • Twitter Warns Of Government ‘Chilling Effect’
    Twitter’s second transparency report, released Tuesday, documents government requests for users’ information. The results will surprise no one who has been keeping track of civil…
  • Apple Removes Vine from ‘Editor’s Choice’ for Featuring Pornographic Content [iOS Blog]
    Twitter’s six-second video sharing app Vine made headlines early this morning after The Verge discovered that an ‘Editor’s Pick’ clip within the app linked to pornographic content.

    Vine’s Editor’s Picks are curated content and are therefore displayed at the top of the app, which means a large portion of Vine’s users saw the feed containing the inappropriate clip.

    Apple originally featured Vine last Friday, shortly after its release, but the Cupertino-based company has now reversed that decision and is no longer promoting Vine via the Editor’s Choice section in the App Store.

    According to a Twitter spokesperson who spoke to The Verge, the pornographic video was the result of human error.

    A human error resulted in a video with adult content becoming one of the videos in Editor’s Picks, and upon realizing this mistake we removed the video immediately. We apologize to our users for the error.

    Apple was not satisfied with Twitter’s apology, but the app did not receive the same treatment as 500px, which was removed from the App Store last week because it allowed users to search for nude photos.

    Though Vine has not been kicked off the App Store, Apple has ceased all promotions for the app. In addition to removing Vine from Editor’s Choice, the app is no longer listed under the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section and it is not featured in the social apps category.

    The Verge reports that Vine has begun to hide inappropriate content within the app and is now blocking searches for several pornographic terms. Searching for the offending words no longer brings up search results, though inappropriate content can still be accessed when tapping on a tag.

  • Jesse Archer: Words With Friends, Smut With Strangers
    When a friend said he was cheating with the popular app Words With Friends, I didn’t think much of it. Who hasn’t cheated at online Scrabble? Then he clarified, saying he was using the app to cheat on his longterm boyfriend.
  • 4 Vine Web Apps You Have To Check Out Right Now
    Already, it’s easy to forget that Vine, the Twitter-made app that lets you shoot and post six-second videos, was only released last Thursday. Only four…
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