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Mobile Technology News, May 9, 2012

As developers for tablets and smartphones we like to keep abreast of the latest mobile technology developments . This is a daily digest of mobile development and related technology news gathered from the BBC, the New York Times, New Scientist and the Globe and Mail to name a few. We scour the web for articles concerning, iPhone, iPad and android development, iOS and android operating systems as well as general articles on advances in mobile technology. We hope you find this useful and that it helps to keep you up to date with the latest technology developments.

  • Economic Scene: Net Neutrality and Economic Equality Are Intertwined
    To reach the multitude of online services competing for your attention, you must first get through a bottleneck that is not competitive at all: high-speed broadband access.

  • Myspace Agrees to Privacy Controls Sought by F.T.C.
    The company said it would put procedures in place after the Federal Trade Commission said the site had shared users’ personal information with advertising companies.

  • Nano-SIM Card Standard to be Decided This Month
    Apple has been pushing its own nano-SIM design as a replacement for the current micro-SIM for a year. As of a couple months ago, however, Apple was fighting with rival phone makers who were pushing their own SIM designs. Apple has even offered a royalty-free patent license to its design in order to convince other companies to sign on.

    The Verge reports that the votes on the next SIM card standard are finally being taken and should be concluded by mid-May. Apple has attempted to counter Nokia’s concerns by slightly reworking its design.

    We just spoke with SIM card maker (and pioneer) Giesecke & Devrient here at CTIA about progress on the creation of the 4FF standard — the so-called nano-SIM — over which Apple and Nokia have been warring in recent months.


    The company tells us that the ETSI vote on the 4FF standard that had been delayed back in March is actually now underway. Voting began for ETSI members in mid-April and wraps up in mid-May, mere days away. G&D is a voting member, though it wouldn’t tell us which way it’s leaning — needless to say, the presence of Apple’s design here signals that they’ll almost certainly put their votes in that direction and away from Nokia’s more radical design that limits backward compatibility with micro-SIM and mini-SIM slots on older phones.

    G&D also noted that since the nano-SIM design is being “driven by a supplier” — in this case, Apple — there wouldn’t be a long lag before the new design was implemented. The current standard, the micro-SIM, took five years from ratification as a standard to appearing in the iPhone 4.

    Recently, a purported micro-SIM tray for the next iPhone leaked from a part supplier, suggesting that Apple will continue to use that standard in the forthcoming device. Being that the new nano-SIM standard hasn’t been ratified, and the fact that Apple would need some lead-time to incorporate the design into the iPhone, it seems likely that the nano-SIM standard would not be ready in time for the next iPhone.

  • Another New Apple Store Coming to Spain on May 12 [Mac Blog]
    Roughly two weeks after the debut of a new Apple retail store in Madrid, Apple is preparing to open another store in Spain. As noted by ifoAppleStore, Apple has officially announced that the grand opening of its Nueva Condomina store in Murcia will take place on Saturday, May 12.

    The seventh Apple retail store in Spain will open this Saturday inside the Nueva Condomina shopping mall in the southern city of Murcia. The store fills in coverage along the Mediterranean coast of the country between existing stores in Valencia and Marbella.

    The report notes that Apple is expected to open four more stores in Spain over the next year, marking a substantial expansion of the company’s presence in the country.

  • Judge Tosses Proview’s U.S. Suit Against Apple over iPad Trademark [iOS Blog]
    Among several lawsuits filed by Chinese company Proview alleging that it legally owns the “iPad” trademark in China despite a deal December 2009 between Proview’s Taiwanese arm and a dummy corporation set up by Apple for the purposes of acquiring the trademark, one lawsuit has been filed in the United States. In that suit, filed in California in late February, Proview alleged that Apple had engaged in deception in its efforts to acquire the trademark.

    The Wall Street Journal now reports that the judge handling the case has thrown it out of court, citing an apparent agreement between Apple and Proview to adjudicate their differences in Hong Kong courts, where Apple won a decision last year.

    After Proview took its legal case to the U.S., Apple argued for the case to be dismissed on the grounds that the parties had agreed to settle any legal disagreements in Hong Kong.

    Judge Pierce upheld that view, writing that Proview failed to provide evidence that the selection of Hong Kong was “unreasonable or unfair,” according to a copy of the order.

    In response to the decision throwing out the U.S. case, Proview’s lawyers claimed that the decision was not based on the merits of the case and that the company will appeal the decision.

    The U.S. developments come as Apple and Proview continue their litigation in China, where the two companies are engaging in court-suggested settlement talks that have reportedly seen Apple for the first time making a settlement offer. But the two parties apparently remain far apart in their expectations for a settlement, and it is unclear whether the talks will yield any agreement.

  • DealBook: Yahoo Tries to Address Error on Chief’s Degree
    Patti S. Hart, the board member who led the search for Yahoo’s chief executive, Scott Thompson, will not seek re-election, and the company says it will investigate how the erroneous credentials were overlooked.

  • DealBook: Morgan Stanley, Where Money and Tech Meet
    The company, led by its technology investment banking chief, Michael Grimes, has shepherded 28 technology initial public offerings in the past year. Facebook is next.

  • Madeleine M. Kunin: Why Girls Should Create Video Games
    Why is computer science a good field for women? For one thing, that’s where the jobs are, and for another, the pay is better than for many jobs, and finally, it’s easier to combine career and family. But that’s not all.
  • Madeline Schwartzman: Harness Up That Snail and Let’s Make Energy: It’s Time to Feed the Table
    James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau created five pieces of furniture, each equipped with a microbial fuel cell that converts chemical energy into electrical energy when bacteria are fed organic matter. Articles and blog posts about this project express repulsion at the idea of flesh-eating robots.
  • Texting While Driving: Can Texter Be Sued For Recipient’s Crash?
    Texting while driving is illegal in 38 states, but a pending court case in New Jersey may determine whether there are legal ramifications to texting…
  • The secret of Cambridge’s success
    Why the city’s tech cluster has been such as a success
  • Telefonica unveils Skype rival
    The owner of O2 and Movistar launches an app capable of making calls over the internet like rivals such as Skype.
  • Charles Gasparino: Why I’ll Be Sitting Out the Facebook IPO
    Wall Street bankers said Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t going to show up on Monday, the first leg of the "road show," or publicity campaign to make sure the company he founded is worth close to the estimated $100 billion he and his bankers are looking for.
  • Whopping Percentage Of People Are Addicted To Cell Phones
    A lot of us are extremely afraid to be without our cell phones, according to the results of a British survey. A poll of 1,000…
  • LaserSaber: The Real-Life Lightsaber
    The force is strong with this entrepreneur. Wicked Lasers CEO Steve Liu and his team have created the LaserSaber, a real-life lightsaber that echoes the…
  • Stephanie Rudat: Taking Stock and Saving Lives: How an m-Health Initiative Is Revolutionizing Health Care in Uganda
    Until recently, most health clinics in Uganda, and indeed across the continent of Africa, transmitted all of their data manually. The journey of a paper record from doctor’s pad to the Ministry of Health in Kampala was treacherous at best.
  • Twitter Fights To Keep User’s Tweets Away From Prosecutors
    They’re his tweets — and you can’t have them. That’s Twitter’s message to prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which charged Twitter user Malcolm…
  • How Influential Are America’s Small Businesses?
    You’ve heard it from every corner: the White House, presidential debates, local chambers of commerce: Small businesses are the backbone, the engine, the glue that…
  • First Ever Live Tweet Of Brain Surgery
    Ever curious about what happens during surgery? A Houston hospital is demystifying the procedure by live tweeting the surgical removal of a patient’s brain tumor….
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